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  1. I guess for a lot of us, the demos are the closest we will ever be in getting anywhere close to the 'recording process'. It would be an amazing experience to sit on an actual recording session, but alas this will not happen for 99.99% of Madonna fans!

    One thing I was thinking was why Madonna never ran with doing a studio version of 'Behind The Bars' (from her not-so-secret-project)?

  2. I mean it makes sense to collect all the RH demos if you have a record of keeping all demos of her discography. If not, then I really don't understand why so many people here are so eager to look for each demo, even versions that are rough and unfinished. I'm not judging anyone of you since I own a bunch of these demos too, but I just don't see why you would still want to get more of them even after the final album has leaked. It's a bizarre situation.

    It's 'a feeling I can't explain'! ;)

  3. The BIGGEST a fans I know...the ones that fly around the world over to see her opening night and buy and collect everythjng she releases are "collectors" and have every demo. You can see it however you want...this has been going on for decades...her biggest fans have been involved in listening in on leaks and demos and pre-fame songs etc...

    God, yeah! Madonna fans are very passionate indeed. There is another level of excitement with demos, unreleased tracks, etc. I have never understood people who ONLY listen to what is on the radio and that is their life's journey with music. My brother is like that. Music is rich with infinite possibilities if one takes the time and energy to investigate. Madonna engenders a loyalty amongst her fans that I have barely seen elsewhere. I'm a big fan and collector of Goldfrapp, Roisin Murphy and heaps others, yet Madonna's fans are on another level.

  4. It's odd that she even recorded some of these songs - like the Pharrell tracks. Did she really think going in this direction was a good idea? I actually like some of these better than the final tracks on HC, but HC2 would not have been very forward-thinking of her. It's just interesting to see that she does these things and then scraps them (wisely).

    Again, there is an obvious reason a lot of demos remain demos! 'Take A Day' is cute and fun in the way that Pharell presents his good humour. As a 'Rebel Heart' inclusion, it would be so off the mark. This track would have been better off sent back in time to Kylie's 'Light Years' era.

    Madonna had her moment(s) with Pharell on HC (perhaps a bit too ahead of the curve - especially and ironically on an album that was behind the eightball with lifeless Timbaland recordings). I think the RH tracklisting is very strong, as was a lot of the demo output. I am grateful that Madonna poured her heart and energies into this album. MDNA was pretty much recorded to support a tour. This time the tour will be supporting an amazing album.

  5. Yes actually, we do. We want it ALL. If it's out there, we want it. We will always respect love and support the woman but I love hearing all her songs from demo form to finished form.

    I've invested 32 years of my life into Madonna's career. These demos are the icing on a very delicious cake, indeed! I'm with you on wanting to hear the journey from demo to finished product!

  6. If people could decide whether to include Queen or Auto-Tune Baby, Queen would win hands down. It's the superior track of the two. By far. To be quite frankly, Auto-Tune Baby is not immediately accessible. It's one of those songs, like Oh Dear Daddy or The Birthday Song. I think "childish" is the first word that comes to mind.

    I agree with you. AB would actually be better without the baby or autotune!!

  7. Aren't you guys tired of seeking all these demos? demo1, demo2, demo3... I don't understand the obsession here, a bit too crazy for my taste.

    Yeah. They need to coin a term for Demo Overload! 'Demoload'? 'Sorry, I can't come to Miley Cyrus' function for her new MAC lipstick...I've got Madonna Demoload!'

    Some demos that transition from, say #3 to #4, sound like the studio engineer farted in the background!

  8. Another song that I wish had made its way to Madonna (instead of All Saints) was the William Orbit-produced "Pure Shores." It was very liquid-y and the sound was her signature sound at that moment. Too bad she didn't get the chance to help write and record it.

    All the Orbit tracks done on that All Saints album would have suited Madonna. The killer bit at the end of 'Black Coffee' is crying out to be Madonna-fied! They should have been shopped to Madonna....Shaznay would still be rolling in the royalties!

    I do love Lana Del Rey and thought 'Video Games' would have suited Madonna in one of her more contemplative moments.

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