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  1. 1 hour ago, AnonymouslyInLoveWithM said:

    Madonna has just accomplished two amazing things for me, which she has never accomplished in her almost-40-year-long career:

    1.  Managed to create an album in which I truly enjoy and can say I love EVERY-SINGLE-SONG!  (As much as I love her and her music, there have always been a couple of clunkers in each and every one of her albums.  With Madame X, that is no longer the case.  Each song is brilliant in its own way!) And...

    2.  (This one's minor, but an important one for me.) I have always felt the need to re-order the tracklisting on M's albums - I never thought she was particularly good at the order in which her songs were placed on her album.  No longer!  I truly feel Madame X is PERFECTLY track-listed - the order couldn't be any better!

    Madame X truly is a WORK OF ART.  And, she created this NOW, SO deep and long into her outstanding career.  WHO ELSE can do this?!?

    Side note:  I'm so glad I waited until today to hear the album in its entirety.  It truly felt like the old days when we all had to wait with baited breath and, finally, were able to exhale when listening to her art for the first time.  

    Put brilliantly bud

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