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  1. 3 minutes ago, Blue Skies said:

    I used to feel strongly about more than a two party political system in this country but I'm leaning more and more strongly these days to age restrictions on jobs like President.  That and no more of this Supreme Justices for life shit.  



    Why does it have to be either or?

  2. Actually the Australia policy is VERY problematic and has really been a win for conservative politics only, hence why it’s travelled by word of mouth and used be certain political groups as a ‘successful response’. It’s what inspired the UK conservative party’s obscene Rwanda scheme.

    By ‘stopping the boats’ our Australian Conservative Party was able to claim they had won the issue. And Labor have been too scared to touch it since. But what this actually involves is ‘offshore processing’ whereby Australia pays other countries to dump the refugees there. And the treatment of refugees includes mandatory detention, overcrowding, inadequate health care including mental health care, assault, sexual abuse, self-harm, ill-treatment and suspicious deaths. All illegal under UN conventions.

    But because it’s all done under ‘offshore processing’ the Australian government is able to claim they’re not responsible.

    Just one example of the ridiculousness of the policy - in 2014, the Australian Government agreed to pay the Cambodian government $55 million AUD to resettle refugees from Nauru. Cambodia agreed to take only those who agreed to go. Only seven did and most of them have now left Cambodia.

    Just shows what a political football the issue is. Ignorant people screaming that refugees are coming to live off benefits but happy for the government to use tax payers money to send them elsewhere.

  3. I think for a lot of people the despair is beyond the election. America has an internal rot, which has been growing for decades. Even if a Democrat takes the White House it isn’t going to stop the noise from the other side. Republicans have fully embraced fascism and authoritarianism, but I would hardly say Democrats are bastions of left wing ideals. And so the shitshow persists.

    As an outsider I’m sick of hearing all sides of their media about it being the best or only democracy in the world. About their freedoms. About their rights. This gaslighting of American exceptionalism (which is really just nationalism) is exactly how they/we got here. No country is perfect but I certainly wouldn’t put the US in the top ten if we’re weighing social-economic factors.

    And I’m sorry, I’m really not trying to be insulting to any American posters here. I do love to visit the country and think it’s beautiful both geographically and demographically. But for better or worse their politics trickle down toxically. Much like the capitalism that dominates their every political policy.

    Apologies for the rant. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    I wonder who those people are that vote for Reform. At this point Farage should be persona non grata. 

    Bottom feeders.

    At some point you just need to accept that a (not so small) percentage of the country gravitate towards racism, hate, and the ‘strong man’ persona. They will never be reasoned with as they’re beyond misinformed and have a warped view of society in that it has robbed them. And in some instances that’s true but if you ask them to reflect on their voting patterns they’ll just stare at you blankly.

    The problem is this percentage of people are highly dangerous and drag the rest of us down with them with their voting habits.

    I hope Labour will use this opportunity to enact change and start real conversations about policies but I’m not so sure. It seems centre left parties (lol) across western countries are so determined to appear quasi conservative to appeal to constituents who will never vote for them at the next election cycle, that they end up wasting their time in power.

    Then again, maybe I’m just old and jaded.

  5. On 6/4/2024 at 12:16 AM, sotos8 said:

    36 % of voters 18-24 in France will vote for far right ,31 % in Holland and 21% in Germany .Apparently the masterminds in Europe can't hear the bells that are ringing for quite some time

    Do they say why? The rise of the right has been happening for sometime but has steadily increased in the last 5 years. I’m a little surprised that there’s such a strong percentage in a young cohort that have grown up in countries with progressive health and education policies, compared with the US.

  6. 4 hours ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    For some reason Youtube is recommending Sky News Australia to me recently. Especially videos with Rita Panahi. WTF. This is Fox News level shit and sometimes even worse. This woman is downright nasty and the things she says are often completely unacceptable, which made me wonder if there is no controlling board for media in Australia. Think of Meghan Markle what you want, but the treatment she gets from them is truly despicable. How do they get away with such behaviour?

    I'm so happy Sky News or any other Murdoch News organization never managed to set foot into Germany. I remember they did try many years ago but ultimately back out out because they realized that there is a strict line in Germany between news and commentary and that their way of "reporting" would not fly in Germany. Viewers would not accept it and they would be constantly called out by the German media controlling board for breaking certain standards. They understood, they would lose their license sooner than later. They probably decried the lack of freedom of media and free speech (what they understand of it), the truth is they didn't do their homework. A little historical context would have made them realize they are walking on very thin ice. A country that has experienced what propaganda can lead to is especially sensitive to so called news. Especially the "news" they are reporting, not only contentwise but also in tone. From my perspective many of the commentators on Murdochs publications would have made a "great" job for Joseph Göbbels back in the day. 

    Yes, this was a very deliberate tactic done by the Murdoch company in regards to Sky News Australia. They realised some years ago that international audiences believed our news to be fair and less divisive than say Fox News, so they set this up but mainly focused on YouTube. The actual people who watch it on tv is very small compared to the online presence. Anyhow it’s just a mother mouthpiece for Murdoch to then justify his/their toxic views and there take someone on a never ending vortex.

  7. 8 hours ago, GOD said:

    Both parties are fascist. 

    Respectfully, I didn’t say the democrats weren’t!

    Im Australian so have only been looking from the outside in (for a very long time). I also have quite a lot to say about how politics are run in Australia as well as many European parliaments.

    I would personally classify Democrats as a Conservative Party. Have always found it very odd that progressive policies are used against them by Republicans when that’s the last thing they represent. 

    Yes, I very much will say that the Republican Party openly flirts with fascism and has done so increasingly for a couple of decades now. Party before people. Mitch McConnell is a (somewhat) living example.

    Sadly the Democrats have relied on being the lesser of two evils for too long. And to be quite frank, the bigger issue that Americans are faced with is that they seemingly only have two choices to vote for if they want to vote at all. Yet the establishment stills screams about the benefit of a two party system.

    Thats the insanity for me. How can only two parties benefit 300+ million people?

    Anyhow, I don’t mean to insult the American posters here.

  8. 1 hour ago, promise to try said:

    I don´t agree with these two statements. I mean,if people wanted israel to exist, it´s ok with me, and maybe, it was a good way to solve a part of the mess that happened during the second world war.Or at least, a part of the mess. The problem is that they chose a land that already had people there. I have heard about other posibilities for the Israel state, like argentina or south africa (or in the south of africa, I don´t know). I don´t know why did they were also a posibility, I mean, people lived there already.

    In a nutshell, the Jewish people had indigenous claims within Israel for many centuries. As did the Palestinians.

    The topic of a Jewish state slowly became a serious political conversation in the 1800s with the Zionist movement. Jews were not welcomed in many parts of Europe, historically suffered various penalisations and antisemitism was common, similar to racism and homophobia of the times. Or Islamophobia today.

    So in a way, yes WW2 and the holocaust brought it all to the fore and became something the Allied powers wanted to sort. The tragedy is that it should have been a two state solution from the start.

    This post is not at all intended to support Israel’s actions in this latest round of war (I see the Israeli government’s actions as genocide), just to shed a very minor light on historical background.

  9. 23 hours ago, GOD said:

    Yeah but is that what they were created to do? 

    The UN is as powerful as the sum of its parts. When countries work together it can achieve more. There will always be a risk of stalling when major countries are obstinate.

    At the very least it provides a public forum on a global scale. Dialogue is better than nothing.

  10. 4 hours ago, wick1234 said:

    everybody comes to hollywooood....

    don't know why but I feel sad when I look at Jessica

    It is sad. We can all have issues with the way we look but these people take it to such an extreme. There’s such a myriad of issues going on underneath the skin. The irony is that her money would have been better spent on therapy and a personal trainer (gender reassignment aside). Not to mention the hospital addiction these people clearly have, they spend half their life in there surrounded by nurses etc.

    And it won’t end well. The fact that she has an OF account implies her money must be precarious. A horrible cycle to be trapped in.


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