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  1. i know a couple of the guys in the video and i'm hoping they weren't as serious about it as they seemed but i think they were. my biggest complaint is that the damn camera man couldn't keep his hand steady for more than two seconds. and yes...adam is hot and he knows it haha
  2. the RIT version vocals were basically just the original vocals slowed down along with the beat. i've always found it funny that she usually lip synchs the whole song except for the ending "ooooooooo you've got to...let your body vogue to the music" part which i think is probably the hardest part of the song to sing. it really makes no sense to me. back on the BAT you can tell that she's singing the ending live and maybe singing over the backing track for the verses and chorus. honestly though...the recorded vocals for Vogue sound nothing like anything else she's ever done past or present
  3. maybe she'll be singing it while the VDO (haha) is playing. i would love to hear Rain with her newer voice i wonder if there will be any political statements this time or will it just be a recourse about the current state of celebrity mayhem with the human nature / britney video i hope she knows that a lot of people are worried about this tour and whether she can pull off a magical show every two years...i hope she really goes all out. it really boggles my mind how she can come up with such fresh ideas so often....i just hope this time it's just as amazing. i expect a lot of dancing a
  4. if she did it like the archigram remix it would be one thing but just throwing guitar riffs over the album version is definitely a cop out i agree maybe she'll do a better arrangement for the actual tour. maybe they were just working out the kinks still
  5. only 19 actual songs performed? that sounds a little skimpy she better have tons of choreography and dance her ass off for this show
  6. the elevator stuff sounds interesting even though i wish it were madonna doing the acting but all these mashups are frightening to me honestly mashups are so 2000 hahaha
  7. Although it sounds like the right thing to do commercially, would you honestly enjoy and get into performing a song that you recorded over 20 years ago? I don't think I would. She's a person who constantly changes and moves on from whatever success or failure she endures. What would make you think she would want to revisit a time in her life she probably doesn't even remember. She's done so many things in her career. It's understandable to me that she forgets even her classics at times. I just would like her to perform songs she has never performed or only performed once like Rescue Me
  8. funny that the counting crows are one spot above her and they had an album called 'hard candy' too
  9. when she wants to be sexy she does it better than everyone. i.e. the h&m opening party with the white dress, the grammys in the pink dress and her strutting her stuff down the catwalk every night of her show and humping that boombox...just to name a few recent moments i wonder who would be top five in that magazine of the sexiest women
  10. i always thought into the groove did go to number one what are madonna's number ones then? like a virgin crazy for you live to tell papa don't preach open your heart who's that girl like a prayer vogue justify my love this used to be my playground take a bow music oh ok..i got them all...i for some reason thought music was her 13th i guess
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