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  1. oh my god! i can't wait until monday!!!! wooo hooooo! i saw the girlie show at the izod (then continental arena) on october 17th in 93 almost exactly 15 years ago! scary!
  2. requiem...i'm going on the 6th too! your name wouldn't happen to be pedro would it?
  3. weren't the RIT prerecorded vocals just the original vocals slowed down or the pitch lowered? the song was definitely at a slower pace than the original and i remember when the backdrop video leaked that's exactly what was playing in the background. the original just slowed down
  4. wow...you can hear a lot from that clip....what were people complaining about? maybe they were on the other side and that's where the speaker was blown?
  5. i wonder if she or live nation will make an apology there were blown speakers? that's insane...shouldn't that be checked every day?
  6. that crowd IS insane! wow! that mix is so hot too....although the tong and spoon mix is my fav...that is so high energy and perfect for a huge audience! it would have been nice if it started out with the album version and then slowly progressed into that stomper
  7. haha...no it isn't the shittiest thing i've ever heard haha wiseass...it's just a figure of speech i mean who is running these record companies? chimpanzees? republicans?
  8. that is the shittiest thing i've ever heard. why doesn't it just count as an album sale and not subtract anything from the present sales. they need to iron that out soon why don't you just get two copies of the song as if its physical single and physical cd sales. we didn't return our maxis when we bought albums back then
  9. either that or just not many amsterdam fans are members of this forum haha
  10. i was actually thinking...aside from having four sections and interludes and all that...this tour is so much different than the last two i mean obviously its different because of having a new album to pull most of the songs from but even though the last album was "urban" influenced the concert only has a few r and b tinged numbers the rave section was unexpected and when was the last time you saw some hip hop performer play guitar? the band has some new members and the musical director is someone new i do agree with Jamie Queen recycling moves too much but maybe Madonna likes those mov
  11. yes the choreography is very repetitive and that definitely lowers its rank although i do enjoy the fact that she's singing it live pretty much in its entirety for once with no backing track (the rap part should have been done live too but she probably speaks over it) but this performance has a grimey quality which i love. it's the dirty side of vogueing ba was pure in your face fashion and class gs was unbelievable costume wise and choreography (and especially the arrangement) probably my fav after vma's rit kind of let me down except for the head stand, the crab walk and stuff. i t
  12. with WTG you have the "what will it beeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeee yeah uh huuuh" with BA you have the "groove me....uh oh...you've got to groove boy...groove me.....ain't nobody better...ain't nobody better baby" part with this one you have the Jump bit and the Keith Haring colorfulness i loved the stick dancing in the RIT but hated the lyrics and the missy mess
  13. Kurt you are cracking me up haha so i was listening to the first bootleg and after the piano breakdown i thought it was over but there's a little more beat and trumpet blares.....is there major choreography there or does she run off stage?
  14. i would have loved it if she sang some of the parts that the background sample sings....sounds so awesome! i love the little hop dance she does with the dancers....so fresh
  15. the pic of her with the guitar and her leg up should be the dvd cover...it is so hot!
  16. this is funny...they should make a reality show about forums at war heheh there's only a few things i like about madonnafanzine it's that guy preston...he is so hot haha oh i guess that's just one the major flaw over there is that chicagotranny tries to live up to vanity status by having the ironically enough, ballsiest opinion and some people fall for it.....but if you have to put "tranny" in your screen name to convince people that's what you're trying to do....it loses it's magic and it's obvious you just want attention can't wait till she finds out i wrote this...i'm gonna get an
  17. they made the video way too late for her to even think about any changes anyway. if anything she probably put ray of light into the setlist hehe she's really created her own monster by always making everything fresh and new so when she repeats something slightly everyone gets up in arms about it i don't love everything she does but i appreciate everything she does
  18. i'm glad he made a comment about that dumb video. with youtube in the world...people will see something like that especially if they do a search for madonna tour or sticky and sweet to see what's out there. that's hypnosis right? i wonder if madonna saw the video too and that's what the fake request section is for...
  19. why are they camping out? are they waiting for tickets?
  20. if only the outfits looked more like that and the dancers tits were hanging out i also wish she didn't cut out the third verse and maybe had some pyrotechnics onstage. honestly the more i watch it the less i'm impressed...but i'm sure i'll be going insane when i see it live i just hate all the kylie comparisons
  21. i have no problem with her being a little political the last couple tours.....and it's basically because the US has been in some deep shit while the last two tours were going on.... pop culture reflects what's going on in the world....would you rather she continually writes songs about her coochie like janet and has videos of her in underwear the entire show? or had someone else put her songs and her stage show and everything together and she would just rehearse a glitzy show without an opinion or heart behind it all? there's a reason madonna is above the rest and it's not all about her b
  22. god that cage scene looks so fucking amazing and dramatic! she's like a little caged bird
  23. the only thing i wish about vogue was that she had the wig with the bangs on i fucking love the way she looks in that i hope she cuts her hair like that after the tour or maybe even during the tour the wig is probably just the front piece right?
  24. wow....every day more and more appear i love it the rain interlude was gorgeous! and it sounded like they slowed down annie's vocals...it sounded like a man or cher singing ahah i kinda wish she sang it though and did the here comes the rain again part as an interlude singing it live after the bridge breaks that animation is eerie i love it and you must love me is absolutely gorgeous! her voice is perfect and especially love the little humble look on her face at the end
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