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    Where's the party? Nowhere!

    Saturday, August 3rd


    Nowhere Bar

    322 East 14th Street

    (between 1st & 2nd Avenues)


    DJ Jeff Jackson enlists the help of DJ Chauncey D, one of the most devout fans of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone he knows, keeping the annual tradition alive at Nowhere Bar on Saturday, August 3rd just two weeks before The Queen of Pop celebrates her 55th birthday!


    DJ Chauncey D at The 4th Annual Madonna Worship Night at Nowhere on Sunday, August 5th in 2012 wearing a Scooter LaForge original design!

    Featuring songs from "Madonna" all the way through to "MDNA", from popular well known hits to unreleased demo gems, The 5th Annual Madonna Worship Night will surely please the casual fan and certainly excite the diehard ones too!

    More details to come...with a few special performances including Beardonna and more to make the night even more iconic!

    RSVP on Facebook

    Hope to see a lot of you there!!! XOXO


  2. Girlie Show is definitely my favourite particularly because it just so amazing and different from the original that just slayed the world just three years earlier. It was the first time I saw her live too. It's a total homage to The King and I in case you didn't know.

    But that breakbeat breakdown during the rap was out of control amazing as well as the beat during the post rap 'vogues' that is usually just the piano break. Girlie Show was also pre-screen and all theatrics...she had to work it out because there was nothing else to look at besides her.

    MDNA version was lacking something since her entrance was so bombastic. The rest of the choreography (or lack thereof) didn't quite cut it. The costumes were ferocious though...

  3. i totally agree on Some Girls in that section too. It's definitely not my favourite part of the show but I loved it anyway. Frankly, I think the choreography for Express Yourself was terrible...but then again...after Blond Ambition and Girlie Show...those two are hard to top (not even going to mention the box step Reinvention Tour moves hehe).

    I just felt like it was too soon to brighten things up after the really heavy first segment. I would have liked the TUTR, OYH, Masterpiece section to come after Trangression and then she could have done the Majorette section before Vogue. I'm sure most of it has to do with costume changes and stuff like that.

    I would have liked another song in the last section after I'm Addicted....my dream would have been Skin. I played it at a gig the other night and the club went wild honestly :)

  4. Wow thank u so much!!! It's simply beautiful

    This is what a $300 concert is supposed to sound, look and feel like

    Glad you got to witness that in person

    thanks XXL! this was fourth of five shows...i've never seen her that many times! and every show I saw it from a different angle!

  5. so funny because everything you liked and disliked is the complete opposite of how i felt haha. goes to show you that Madonna invokes so many things in so many people.

    you do realize that Hung Up became a song where she was talking to God right?

    And the Best Friend interlude was possibly about her dying at the end of I Don't Give A and we were watching her burial so to speak.

    Human Nature made so much sense because that whole section was about voyeurism and objectification as well as a war between the masculine and the feminine.

    i heard my friends that were in the 200's last night complain about the volume as well. Perhaps the new renovations of MSG messed with the acoustics because I remember previous shows being perfect volume wise no matter where I was sitting.

  6. when i saw the bible part on Monday i thought it was new...thanks for clarifying!

    i love the way she goes all looney and leans up against the side of the room. I first noticed that in GT in DC (i feel like i'm bragging about my GT experiences but I'm not i promise!) hehe

    We've never seen her this crazy since the Nothing Really Matters video! Love her!

  7. i got to meet Perez Hilton and took a pic with Kelly Osbourne but had no idea Lourdes was in the Golden Triangle on Monday! Wow! Goes to show you how small the GT is but how big it can be too! It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget for sure. When the little angel Sam rescued me from Section 208 and put a wristband on my arm I was stuttering and gave her a big hug! Was on the floor last night and so sad that I wasn't in the Triangle with TONS of M fans I know and love...it would have been perfect but I had an amazing time last night seeing the last show I'll see from the front. I didn't realize until after the show that she cut Masterpiece from the show to put in Gangnam Style/ Give it 2 Me and Music. Every show had a different bit of magic in it. I broke my record and saw a total of 5 shows in four different cities! I'm officially a loon now! haha

  8. I didn't win Golden Triangle for the 12th but I at least have tickets. How far around does Guy walk around the arena? My ticket is in the 200 section. i doubt he's going to walk up there. What should I be wearing to get his attention? haha

  9. Do you think sending him a pic I took with him in D.C. in the GT will ruin my chances to be picked again? I'm going with a big group on the 13th at MSG but I haven't gotten a ticket for the 12th yet. I think I'm only going to go if I get in the Triangle or really close.

  10. I got Holiday at all three shows i went to so far but honestly...as much fun that song is for most of the audience...i would be happy to never see it performed again. Unless she does something crazy with it like in The Girlie Show...it's just too familiar for her.

    i sound like a grump but i'll only be happy when she finally performs Rescue Me. Then she can do whatever the hell else she wants for the rest of her life :)

  11. I wrote something about the influence of Madonna's 'Erotica' on Britney's 'Blackout': http://howupsetting....s-mtv-kiss-with

    wow debord! i recently discovered your 'how upsetting' blog and i love love love it! your essays are phenomenal (well i'm just getting started so i've only read a few hehe)

    here's Chapter Two of my ongoing Madonna/MDNA essay that I started in March....adding this Chapter to celebrate 20 years of Erotica/Sex. I'll probably write the next chapters after the last shows I see on the tour this month.

    From Madonna To MDNA Chapter Two : The Before and Aftermath of "Erotica" & "Sex" by Chauncey Dandridge

    the link to chapter one is in the beginning of this particular post.

    Would love to hear what you guys think! :)

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