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  1. Plus when you factor in that Berlin is a phenomenally cheap city, especially when compared with Helsinki, the whole trip is practically money in the bank :electropop:

    Ahhh, it will be like a sequel to "Confessions of a Shopaholic"!! :laugh::sassy:

  2. So happy to go there with you! I wish someone started a Berlin thread here. You might want to take this as a gentle hint.

    Hint hint ;) There's one Berlin thread already, it's just labeled "where to get tickets to Berlin" or something. Let's take over that one!! :hornybig:

  3. We were planning to go to Prague, and had Barcelona, Stockholm and Herning lined up as plans b to d.

    Guess where we ended up going? Berlin.

    It was a nerve wrecking morning!! But we are going to see her again Ziggy -UP AND CLOSE!! So glad we are doing this together again!! :sassy:

  4. Didn't get a ticket to Barcelona but I bought an early entry ticket to Berlin!!!!! I really don't care where I have to travel so it's all good!!! :vogue:

    We will have a group of fans (friends) coming to the Berlin so let's be in contact!! I might come to Berlin on friday and leave on Wednesday so if some could point out some great hotels / motels /B&Bs I'd appreciate that! :smooch:

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