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  1. I'm so happy there is another show but it's on the wrong day for me :( Plus my bank account can't afford anything TOMORROW!!! :laugh:

    I was going to buy a seated ticked so I'm just going to wait and see - if I can somehow make that 11th day work and there are seated tickets left in May/June I'll buy one.

  2. GREAT interview!! I really liked this one. She was very opened about the album process and her own thoughts about the finished product. After all that happen she should be very proud of herself - leaks, busy DJs being everywhere but there, Avicii getting seriously ill.. She made it work and made one of her best album!! She is incredible and deserves more credit for absolutely everything!

    I have a feeling she will go back to her roots with her next album - just she and one main producer a la Mirwais / Stuart.

  3. you have to click on the second link that Stephen provided so you can log in with your new password..


    The username and password you tried to log in with is for your SiriusXM Internet Radio trial.If you already have a SiriusXM subscription, sign into your account using the username and password you created for that account.If you are not a subscriber, we invite you to set up a satellite radio account or an online listening account if you do not have a satellite radio and only want to listen online.
  4. One of my favourites. Fresh, fun, nostalgic, melodic, makes me smile every time.

    Wow, I really need to have the Super Deluxe edition NOW!!!!

    Amazon send me an email saying it's shipped but I'll get it between 14th-16th or something like that. I'm too old fashioned to listen the song from youtube first..

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