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  1. I signed up for Tidal. I listened the same tracks from Spotify (HQ) and Tidal. And I must say I didn't hear a difference in sound. I expected I huge difference. I have an iPhone 5S. I read somewhere that the real difference can be heard loud and clear while using real music players (not laptops or phones)..

    BUT Tidal is so much more than the sound! I like the design better, it has much more information about the tracks (ACTUAL CREDITS FOR EVERY SONG!!!), and HD music videos. So you don't have to change apps anymore - it's all there. They even have finnish bands so I guess their library is pretty much same as on Spotify. Madonna has only uploaded 6 videos so far (two live videos) but I'll believe they all will be there in the end.

    I also like to support the music industry and artists directly so 10 more euros is not a big deal. Take my money M!!!


    I like it.

  2. MDNA is the weirdest thing for me.

    My least favorite album, but possibly my favorite tour.

    I kinda liked the album during your but after that I lost my interest. But the show is still brilliant. It's so damn good!!!
  3. A few thoughts as I watch it for the 10th time...

    1) We've had no lip syncing for any live performances this era :dramatic:

    2) She looked so incredibly happy singing that song, like she feels deep down it's going to be a hit. I know we shouldn't care anymore about the charts, but I know it would be so good, and so vindicating for her, to have a worldwide smash in this song. It deserves it and so does she.

    3) My God, this woman is beautiful.

    ^ Million times this! :inlove:

  4. Oh, and I know I'm a new member, but do we really have to deal with this Traditional guy? He is just a troll. It's not cool to post lies here. And they are lies like we all know. Hello Bette Midler! I can ignore him, sure, but is that the solution to the problem? I'm sorry dude, but that's how I feel. Why can't you just enjoy the ride and stop all the BS?

  5. I hope she makes a video for Bitch I'm Madonna where she twerks on Diplo's face the whole time. She can do whatever at this point, nothing to lose.


    Yeah, I agree. If GT isn't even a decent hit she should totally just make a new video a la American Life /Erotica - just lots of weapons, veiny hands, sex, fabulous granny tits, gay army guys, political messages, S&M - the whole deal.

  6. Interesting that all the super deluxe extra songs have a some sort of 80s vibe going on.. GH is good, I like it, but I can see why it wasn't on the deluxe version. It doesn't blend well with rest of the songs.

    don't ever try to take my freedom
    your imperfections, this world needs them

    ^ Love that part

    Love is pain and pain is art

    ^ And that part too!

  7. My super deluxe edition wait is KILLING ME!!


    This track is by far my favorite from the four new songs!! The groove, 80s vibe, production, lyrics - it's so good!! Should have been on the deluxe version!

    Take me with all of my beautiful scars

    I love you the way that you are

    I come to you with all my flaws

    With all my beautiful scars

    With all my beautiful scars

    Love me with all of my flaws

    My beautiful scars


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