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  1. She needs to do Letterman our something show up, No grills, No trashy outfit, this image is not getting her any new fans and frankly as a fan for 25 years is tiresome and a little beneath her legacy. Would hate to see all she has done tarnished because she is having a midlife crisis. The sexual stuff could be a lot more classy

    Where have you been lately? She was very classy almost in EVERY promo before Coachella and Jimmy.

    And quite frankly, if you have been a fan for 25 years, you should know that this is pure Madonna here, right here. Why should she change after turning 50?

    She can be both very classy and furiously rebellious, just like she has been during this era.



    I could live without those damn grillz though.

  2. This one is filmed from the crowd but it has good quality in sound and picture. It's the whole thing. I love the man behind camera laughing in the end: "Oh Shit! What the fuck just happened!?" :laugh:


    I loved Human Nature and especially Hung Up!! Perfect! But the kiss.. oh Drake. You totally ruined the moment.

    It's funny (but nothing new) how the social media / media is (once again) mocking her. No praise for the unexpected and great cameo, of course not. But like said, she has a thick skin, this nothing new to her.... this is nothing. We are more hurt than she is. But it's also ok. We all aren't as strong as she is.

  3. Can someone pleeeeease upload the a link? There was a LQ link on page whatever and I didn't click it because I thought there would be HQ later. But no. No HQ.

    Anyone? And not just the kiss (I have seen it already, and it was super hot and awesome till Drake ruined the moment in the end) but the whole 5 minutes? I NEED it! And it seems everyone else has already seen it..

    edit. I tried to look for it on Youtube but it's mission impossible because there tons and tons of fake videos.

  4. That's the only way I do it. I have seen CT, S&S and MDNA and I have been able to avoid almost all the spoilers. These were the only things I knew before seeing those shows:

    - I knew she would be crucified on CT

    - I knew Britney had done a some sort of a video for S&S

    - I heard there would be guns on MDNA

    That's it. I love the feeling when you have no idea what's coming next. It makes it all so much magical.

    Absolutemadonna (forum) was also a good place to be around tours because people were very careful about spoilers. But I think I didn't go to the forum last time around, and I might log out from here too. Last forum didn't have any gifs and this one is full of them :laugh:

    I also need to unfollow her on IG during the tour. That's a bummer, because I will surely miss many many great Madonna moments..

    But yeah. I wish I didn't need to wait till October..

  5. I wasnt excited about this first but this performance was pure Madonna. It's almost iconic in a way - the outfit, sock bitch, attitude, choreography, Diplo - it's brilliant and fun! One of the best performances during this era.

    I'm still sad and a bit confused why she abandoned Ghosttown but thank god she gave us a classic Madonna show!

    Now Madonna - go back to promote Ghosttown!

  6. I find it super interesting that she gains huge amount of new follower every day. She has already gained 1M followers in no time. Now 3.6M followers.

    She really is the Queen of IG!! :bow:

    Her IG is my absolute favorite. She has really learned how to use it just right.

  7. Madonna's fans are the whiniest people on earth. Nothing is good enough for these bitches. This is as good as it gets, if you don't love this you'll never love anything she does!

    You cant expect everyone to love everything she does. Those people are called monsters. imo Madonna fans are the greatest because they have actual opinions (OPINIONS!!) and aren't afraid to express them. Just like she isn't afraid to.

    So cool, you love the video. That's good. Let others have their own opinion. And this isnt just for you, this is for everyone. We all LOVE Madonna, but we all are also different - unique rebel hearts. That's what it's all about.

    Sorry about this rant, but I have been a hardcore fan since 2003 and nothing hurts me more than someone saying that I'm not fan enough or I can't have my own opinion about this glorious lady.


  8. Okey, I slept the night and I'm now watching the video with new eyes and without any expectations.

    My initial reaction was not sugarcoated like I said. Neither is this:

    It's a BEAUTIFUL video. The settings, filming, costumes, makeup - everything. It's perfection in those areas. And when you think about, there's nothing wrong with this video. It's perfect.

    After watching it six times now, I'll change my mind: I like it a lot. It's not the event video I wanted (didn't want zombies or explosions) and I just don't get that same euphoric feeling that I get from LFL, HU, GMAYL or GGW, but it's still pretty great.

    And it's definitely thousand times better than Jump, lol. I'm frustrated because I have been sick for a week now, so can we just put it on that?

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