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  1. I saw some of the dresses and none of them were vert memorable. Beyonce was tacky. Rihanna looked good eventhough she went overboard with the dress. Kim K.. she should just stop. Everything.

    Diplo is always so damn :drool: They would be so hot couple! :yes:

  2. I just now started to listen to songs that were left out from the album. I didn't want to demos and unreleased stuff mess my RH experience in the beginning. Now I'm ready to make my experience deeper. Time to listen songs that didn't make the cut.

    AB was the first song I listened. It wasn't as bad as I thought but I'm truly happy it didn't make to the album. It's cute. It's ok. Nothing more.

  3. I love her voice. It's one of my favorite sounds in the world. It's soothing. And on this album her voice is flawless. It's raw (Heartbreakcity), beautiful (Ghosttown) and emotional (Joan of Arc) at the same time.

    Rebel Heart is vocally one of her best. Or maybe even the best. If she doesn't get a Grammy nomination for it, there is no justice in the world.

  4. she seemed rude and mad for the whole video, like: Why I'm doing this stupidity.

    Rude? Mad? I don't think she was rude. She was a bit tense in the beginning but she relaxed pretty soon (thank you rosé, hahah!). Towards the end she was being hilarious and very much the Madonna we love.

    I loved this. She looked divine!! She looked like a goddess who came down to earth answer some questions we mortals had.

    Few of the questions were silly but OMG she actually said YES to the demo/unreleased songs album!!!!!! I never thought she would be up for that!

    Give the woman more rosé and play record. I want more!!!!

  5. Oh and Attitude (Facebook page) had a comment from Tori Amos who was defending Madonna:

    "Some of the vilification comes from women as much as men. Shes making choices and shes able to do things physically that a lot of people 25 years younger cant; she got up and refused to allow that to shame her. I think people want her to be shamed into a role that they find acceptable for her age. It makes me sad that we cant embrace Madonna and say, Wow, this is an artist whos expressing herself in a certain way.

  6. I did love her persona. Absolutely.

    Music and American Life are my all-time favorite albums (both lyrically and musically). Those albums also got some of her best videos. She gave us some of the best performances during those years. She looked beautiful and youthful. And I personally love IGTTYAS too: like Ziggy said, she was on a different mission back then. I'm not religious person (I'm atheist) but I still got so much strenght and wisdom from her words, especially during AL era. That album is one of the rare few that speaks to me on so many levels.

    But those years were pretty quiet time to time. Nothing much (interesting) happened between albums. So, that's the only downside.

    The great thing about Madonna is that she is evolving all the time. And it's like watching a phoenix rising from the ashes everytime.

  7. The majority of comments that both fans/haters are leaving on her Instagram are downright embarrassing. So many are either making her out to be over or a victim, rubbishing everyone else, complaining constantly about Drake's reaction or trashing her. I hope she is not reading all of that garbage because for years she has been so wise ignoring all the pointless comments and being her own person.

    I also hope she wont get in too deep with that BUT she is on a mission this time. Her mission is to wake up people to realize there is serious age discrimination (towards women especially) happening everywhere. All those nasty, mean comments and news just feed her motivation. They make her thrive.

  8. 11115601_10152940747147979_6171453329037

    Andy and Keith had my back way back when! Miss being surrounded by artists that stuck together and defended one another! ❤️#rebelhearts

    She's sad...

    She tagged Miley to this picture...

    But yeah, it has been pretty quiet in the la la land. Where is Britney, KATY (!?), Taylor and other stars who have been supporting and admiring her? Was it safe now? Are the subjects too flammable now?

    The way media treated her with the Coachella was nothing new but someone should have said something.

    Rita Ora though :clap:

  9. Lars von Trier once said "A good film is like a rock in your shoe." Madonna is a rock in society's shoe. People don't like being uncomfortable and hence the negative reactions. But things need to get stirred up to create discussion.

    I like that. Unfortunately people wont realize it's not actually a rock but a diamond until it's too late.

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