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  1. Let me just say that I do think MDNA is not such a strong album either, at least for Madonna's standards. However, we really shouldn't forget that this one came 30 years into her career, after loads and loads of acclaimed works which have already built a life-long legacy. Not to mention Madonna didn't hype it up like it was the Sixth Book Of Moses.

    Agreed. I hated when Gaga hyped her album to be the next LAP or something. And when the album was released and it sucked, it all was so painfully bad and awkward. JUST like her previous era. But even worse.

    Then there's MDNA which I like (not as much as I used to). But it is flawed. And still it's light years ahead of Artpop. Like people have said here, if an artist releases something as good as MDNA after 30 years of career, it's incredible. Madonna is incredible.

    Dave, still after a year, an honest question needs an answer :)

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