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  1. Living for love. It's still a magnificent music video. It's unusual first single video from Madonna, because in the end it's very simple. But that is the reason I love it. There is theme and a message and the focus is on her.

    The video is pure positive energy - a tour de force. The directors did a great job with different scenes and specially with the colors. Those 50 shades of red are life. I also love the added sound effects.

    Even though there is a part in the middle where the editing is too fast for my taste, the editing is still well done and fits the music.

    Her looks are inspiring and beautiful - iconic. She looks like a true reigning queen of pop.


    And Living for love is still my favorite song on the album. No, it's one of my favorite Madonna single. Period.

  2. This is not a great morning gift, just woke up and saw this. Thought it was a joke but no. No jokes. Just pure trolldonna having a laugh.

    I hate the cover. LFL was worse though.. Robster's pic was really fun and colorful, I loved that!

    But I'm even more shocked that fans are now giving this aldo guy a hard time. Let him be. This is not the end of the world (or he career).

    The ALBUM artwork is glorious.

    Thank god!

  3. Well, BIM is not my favorite song from the album but after Fallon I have started to enjoy it a little. I usually skip it but not because it's that bad. There are just better songs on the album.

    Still. I think it's a smart move. General public (my friends included) really like the song. All I want is that they use the Diplo remix.

    I'm also guessing there will be at least few awesome cameos: Nicki (duh!). Miley is a no-brainer. Britney would be a dream come true. Jimmy Fallon might be there somewhere. Ellen of course. Katy Perry also. Her kids. Her Tidal partners of crime, Rihanna and Kanye (without Kim K please) might show up.

    I hope she AND her whole team promotes the single all the way!!

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