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  1. I have already bought RH deluxe (iTunes pre-order) and RH deluxe (physical). And just ordered Super Deluxe from Amazon UK!! So yay, I have still something to wait for!! 4 new tracks bitches!!

    And that's everything I'm going to buy. I'll pass the standard edition at this point and buy it later when I can find it on sale (I just bought standard MDNA album for 3 euros :laugh: )

  2. I absolutely love that she is sampling and making references to her own music on this album!!

    And VVV is awesome track. I enjoy the the joyride, lyrics and all. I don't understand why people are so negative about her references! I mean, if someone is allowed to that, is this POP SOVEREIGN!

    And Nas' rap is so strong, love it!!

  3. Unfortunately, it looks like LFL is done before the album even drops so I imagine that GT will follow very shortly and early April would seem about right.

    MDNA project was over in two months in the UK

    and none of the recent tours stimulated the associated albums' sales.

    It's a strong album but it needs radio airplay to get the interest now before it disappears.

    Thankfully she is in love with her album and very proud of it. She will continue to promote it I'm sure. So with or without the radio play the album will be on the news / media a lot! Of course I still hope radios will play her next singles too!! This album might have better legs than MDNA in the end.
  4. Wow, this thread is just a nasty battleground. C'mon guys and girls.. #livingforlove

    My only problem is that dirty broken bass effect/ bad mixing.. With headphones it's loud and quite annoying. And I actually liked that effect on "Voices". But I'll get over it.

    I also liked the demo (the only one I heard) but I'm trying to remember that this is HER vision and she is the ring leader and the dominatrix of this show. I need to focus on this version and find her love in it.

  5. Interesting that she will work with them as a writer/feature artist.. Hmm.. she hasn't done that since.. Britney? She seems to give her everything to music on this era! Love it (even though I can't stand Kanye..)

    Side note: that interviewer "bro" was really amateurish and even arrogant! Bitch, you are talking with Madonna, get real! Am I the only one who thought this?

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