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  1. 1 minute ago, ULIZOS said:

    It was an accident. Jeez. Nobody died. 

    Seriously, what kind of teacher shows streaming movies to their kids? And especially movies that they obviously didn't review before. It sounds very lazy and dumb to me. And it's not the first time I hear about that, last time the teacher started the movie and left the room and came back later to realize that it was porn. Does that sound like normal behavior for a teacher? :lmao:

    I know no one died, but teachers are supposed to be responsible and this one had no excuse for his laziness.

  2. Just now, ULIZOS said:

    oh my dear lord you guys have got to be kidding me. People ripped Melania to shreds here. 

    I don't remember people mocking her face or her body on this forum. But I do remember people criticizing her copycat speeches, her luxurious lifestyle (compared to the "hard working" rhetoric of her husband) and the hypocrisy of her husband toward illegal immigrants (while she was working illegally in the US when she came for the first time). I hope you can see a difference between this and mocking her face...

    1 minute ago, spazz said:

    Hilary and her government are hypocrites and support the people who kill us and persecute gays in Middle East ,throw them off buildings & rape underage girls in syria. 

    Don't worry : the witch is dead now. No more wars and persecutions in Middle East, right?

  3. Just now, Kim said:

    Pud has been doing that wind-up merchant stuff in the election threads for weeks now. To suddenly cry foul is a little disingenuous. 

    That's not just him, some others appeared out of nowhere in the Madonna thread and said the same things.


    2 minutes ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    Please go back and have a look at the picture he posted which my post is the reply to and tell me that's not offensive. This has nothing to do with the political situation in Egypt. In addition to that, he said pretty undemocratic things on here. Considering that he, being gay and christian in a muslim country and therefore basically a double minority, something that certainly comes with discrimination makes me wonder why he seems to reject basic civil rights. Such as demonstrating on streets and voicing your discontent with Trump and what he stands for.

    I agree 100%.

    Spazz mocked children who committed suicide and now he's posting pictures to mock Michelle Obama compared to Melania Trump. That's not really something we're used to see on this website and nothing can excuse that behavior.

  4. 25 minutes ago, drunkbysix said:

    trmp supporters on this site? HOW? It goes against everything our idol stands for. 

    They were a minority before the election (maybe one or two), now they seem to have invaded the website. Madonna is called "embarrassing" and "pathetic" for expressing herself on the Trump election and no one seems to care. That's not the MadonnaNation I knew and that's very sad.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Ivy said:

    And the only reason why Hilary had 3 million more votes in the primary was because the DNC and cheating delegates got the ball rolling for her. Did you not notice that Bernie was winning the primaries and even in states where he was the clear major winner, the delegates came in, shat all over him, and gave Hilary their votes and got the momentum going for her. And just like the repbulicans you make fun of for voting blindly for trump, you democrats were no different following Hilary like little blind sheep.


    Hillary won the popular vote. Even without the superdeleguates she would have won. There was no "DNC cheating" despite the Trump rhetoric about it. The only thing that the DNC leaks showed was that some members of the DNC wanted Hillary to win and wanted to do some things against Bernie (like talking about his religion) but that was never used against him in the campaign.

    After all that "Hillary is a liar and a cheater" and "the election is rigged", how ironic is it that Trump was the real dishonest candidate, lying on everything. Now his "muslim ban" and many other promises have disappeared from his website, as well as his attacks against "crooked Hillary" who's suddenly praised by Trump in his speech about her 30 years in public service. And it's the same for the "rigged system". Yeah it was rigged but in his favor : from the FBI to the medias talking 95% of the time about her emails.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Kim said:

    Clinton as a person (nevermind all the foreign policy stuff in this thread that the average Joe doesn't know or care about) but she as a person.. was deeply divisive and unpopular among the electorate...

    Well, she was extremely popular when she left the State Department (65%). The real question is : how did she became so unpopular since she declared her candidacy?

    Now look at the republican witch hunt committees, the "Clinton Cash" book (paid by republicans), the "crooked" nickname, the "email" madness in the medias, the leaks, the FBI letter... I'm starting to believe that in order to win an election in the US, you have to be the most unsuspected candidate, since your opponents won't have the time to plan a long witch hunt to discredit you. That's what is sad, really.

  7. 1 hour ago, Kim said:

    The fact of the matter is that the Republican vote stayed much the same, it was the Democrat vote that collapsed. Explain.

    Let's be honest : it's easy to blame everything on Hillary (and yes she has her flaws), but there are many other reponsibles for the Trump victory (including Trump himself, the medias, the republicans, Assange, the rural America, the DNC...).

    The "Obama coalition" (African-Americans, Latinos...) didn't turn out for Hillary, that's a fact. But how can you know that Bernie would have done better? He couldn't even convince the democrats in the primaries (Hillary won with a margin of 3.7 millions votes).

    As I said before, Trump defeated 11 of the best republicans, he hijacked the party and the medias with his rhetoric and storytelling. It's unprecedented in the history of the US. Now if anybody could defeat him, why did Bush, Cruz and Rubio lost in the most humiliating way? Do you really think Trump wouldn't have found devastating angles against Biden, Warren or Sanders like "Crooked Hillary", "Little Marco", "Low energy Jeb"? Do you think the conspiracy websites (that his fans love so much) wouldn't have invented stories about Biden or Sanders healths? Do you think the russians and Assange wouldn't have hacked and leaked damaging things about them?

  8. I think Trump is fucked with the russian connections. Putin will play it friendly at the start when he needs the US agreement for some projects (like Syria). But as soon as the russian  interests will diverge again from the US interests (and it will happen), Putin will release all the stuff he has on Trump (via Wikileaks if needed) and the Trump presidency will go down in chaos. Mark my words.

    Trump likes to think he's as smart as Putin but he's not.

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