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  1. 1 hour ago, MichaelDieker said:

    OMG getting more and more excited by the DAY! I am taking the entire day off from work on the 14th so I can devote my day to listening in peace to the new album and preparing my home for the epic Madame X Listening Party I'm having that night haha

    NOW I don't know what I should wear! I could emulate any of the Madame X personas or go with an old school Madonna look. What to do with my HAIR?! Do I bleach it out again in her honor? Black like Madame Accordion? 

    I'm gonna have a selfie station with various Madonna props and costume pieces (cones, eye patch, cowboy hat, etc)

    I'm gonna have bottles of Rose and fixins for lemon drop martinis, and tons of Mike and Ike candies

    Any other suggestions for my party?!?!?!


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