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  1. 1 hour ago, karbatal said:

    It was 14 fucking years ago! Imagine Madonna performing during the Music tour and people praying for Papa Don't Preach ???? :rotfl:

    Indeeeeeeed , that s why last times she performed HungUp she were up&under those ropes ahgahg she s over it  , I mean she s gonna serve Vogue or HP as the light but we re supposed to experience the darkside first so bring americanlife&co , it s stonewall 50ys , it happened in NY , in USA , it was a riot it s not so hard to see her view ( if you are over with men leotards ) and I admire it .

  2. 17 minutes ago, KalamazooJay said:

    Yeah this topic has generally been ignored by most pop artists. They post about it when a mass shooting happens or will have a moment of silence at one of their shows if they're on the road. But it's mostly hogwash and lip service. 

    If this video is everything it's shaping up to be, it's really the first REAL moment when someone in the music industry finally put something out that will turn some heads regarding the shameless, senseless, and vile gun culture that has completely consumed this country. The way people worship their firearms is terrifying to me. And this is coming from someone who grew up with a family full of RESPONSIBLE gun owners and hunters. I am NOT one who believes in completely banning guns. But even the majority of hunters out there are for far stricter gun control measures than we currently have. They're not the problem. It's the crazy, conspiracy believing, brain washed monsters who have complete ROOMS full of semi automatic weapons. 

    No sane human being believes semi automatics should be accessible to the general public. The types of guns that are completely legal to sell out there is criminal. It's absolutely criminal. And it's the NRA that pushes this paranoia for people to believe they need these kinds of weapons. They're basically a terrorist organization at this point. 

    It's all sickening. 

    Good for Madonna for doing this. I hope it offends everyone it needs to offend and that FOX News has her on BLAST for the next 24 hours. It'll mean she pissed off the right people.  

    Tnks for this , it s a damn scaring issue , my country , Italy is going to follow US route too , I see what you mean when you write that " it's the NRA that pushes this paranoia for people to believe they need these kinds of weapons. They're basically a terrorist organization at this point. " , it s disgusting , she s really brave to do what she s doing , she has a lot to loose cause that " Industry " is EVIL , I m there with her , I will never forget those words during the Iconic intro few years ago in Paris just few monthes after the Bataklan " You ve got to be prepared to fight-die for what you believe in "

  3. 47 minutes ago, Bat-Fan said:

    Why just No? You don't think this is the song that she wanted to do for eurovision and they didn't want because of contraversy? There are always changes in plans and you always want to just firmly believe things are all going as planned and maybe you are right, but I personally think this was intended as the first single and record company did not want it released as the intro to the album campaign.

    Yo life is a dissMERDish

  4. 2 hours ago, Madsexy18 said:

    well deserved. This album is brilliant and also deserving of some grammy nods as well. Let's see if there is justice. Congrats Madonna. See you on tour in New York and Miami. Will be taking  my parents as an early Christmas gift in December  . Although casual listeners in her early years  and for the most part unfamiliar with her more recent work , are thrilled to see her live for the first time after hearing about me recount over the years my numerous tour experiences and the magic she brings to the stage with each production. 

    That s so beautiful , it a family affair , love it .

  5. 22 minutes ago, CalinB said:

    I think so. Blaya has Portugal behind her and this song, so it would help.  I think M should invite all kind of Brazilian and Portuguese celebrities of the moment to do cameos in the video.  

    Mmm no no no , the only person to add to da 2 gurls inda  video should be Ronaldo ( eventhought I don' like him ) to make it worldwide watching and hot...that said this is the last song I want a video for right now..but I do understand the marketing agenda

  6. 1 hour ago, alquemist said:

    Why wasn't the interview longer? Why didn't she perform? Why did she wear that eye-patch? Why was she drinking so much Champagne? Why was her corset so tight? Did you see she was wearing grillz AGAIN? Why did I have to listen to all those Madonna snippets in-between? Why were the hosts not younger? Why was the audience so badly lit?
























    JUST KIDDING!  :lmao::lmao::lmao:

    I loved absolutely  EVERYTHING about this fabulous interview. She was so happy, relaxed and talkative  - so much fun to watch! Loved that they focused so much on the music and found her talking about the meaning of the new songs utterly intriguing, especially the ideas behind "Extreme Occident" and "Come Alive" - gave me more appreciation for these songs -  if that is even possible! Thank God I woke up in the middle of the night for some inexplicable reason to watch the live stream - maybe my subconscious knew that there is this awesome Madonna interview. Thank God for Madonna.

    Yaasss THIS

  7. 4 hours ago, Jeby said:

    She drank through the whole thing. LOL. I love that. I love how she loves Rose champagne because that is my fave as well. But can we prepare for the NYpost headline of how she is drinking away the fact that Bruce beat her to number one in the UK and she is now an old drunk lush because despite the facts they claim the tour is sluggish in sales, that same sluggish tour is going to be the reason they say she is number one in the US. They contradict themselves so often in their efforts to bash Madonna it is ridiculous. 

    You are pressed by NYpost and predict the sameoldshit since 35years...ADVICE POSITIVE VIBES 

    Come give hope, come give life
    Only get one, so we gotta live it right

  8. 1 minute ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    I was soooooo disappointed when Impressive Instant was cut from the Sticky & Sweet Tour. I can't remember what replaced it. Was it Hung Up? Anyway, I'm hoping tracks from Music and American Life are revisited on this tour...…… plus Candy Shop of course. 😜

    INDEED...CandyShop is a MUST 

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