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  1. 1 hour ago, Herfaceremains said:

    From Attitude magazine’s article:

    "If you’re a narrow-minded person using provocation, then your message will be narrow-minded," she replies. "It depends on the intention of the provocateur."

    Also, another part I wasn’t able to fully see:

    "I think it’s weird to call myself an icon," she says. "I feel blessed to have a voice, and to be able to use it to help people don’t have one and to fight for the rights of those who are not heard.

    "I think the word ‘icon’ is a word that other people can give you. But I can’t claim it for myself. Do you think I’m an icon?

    Told she's the very "definition", Madonna replies: "So if you think I’m an icon, then I am one!"


  2. 1 hour ago, Shaun said:

    Feel sorry for the poor saps who are already bored with this stellar material. I can’t get enough.

    Me too and same about the other songs ..I have a feeling this 5 songs ( ye Soltera too on loop ) will sound "just" as a pop up " spring mixtape " to me when the album s out . I m waiting for the drama political ones .


  3. 4 minutes ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    I posted the Jerusalem Post article because thought it was interesting that they posted about the altered vocals. I only heard that discussed on here and in YouTube comments. Meanwhile, the press in the US has not posted about Eurovision at all, as far as I've seen.

    In a few hours they ll  post about her fans meltdowns going on & on & on

  4. 1 minute ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    I'm not feeling this era either and I feel bad because I have been a fan since the beginning. I'm still looking forward to the album and am hopeful. But yeah, I've been feeling kind of lost this era.

    That s why she s doing theatres ( and I love it ) , she knew her music was going to disappoint lotta fans and to be honest I respect , admire and I m glad she s walking into new musical fields for her ,....I m a fan ( allways been ) for this reason and for her artistic political attitude actually

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