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  1. So, Mike Dean told us weeks ago that he was reworking "Holiday" and she teased it on Instagram just three days ago ... It seems to me that this is confirmation that songs she's teasing on Instagram are in the setlist for sure.

    Still don't think ALL songs are in the setlist, one theory is that she posted several at the same time so those songs were "versus" each other and she went with one of them (like Dress You Up instead of True Blue).

  2. So, could be that she wanted to release a double album but also wanted to do a big release, because she knew after the tour there's going to be a film and new music won't be on the table for awhile.

    I think so too, no wonder she recorded so many songs with a lot of people this time around, not Madonna-like at all.

    However, at the same time it is still likely that she wanted to complete her contract because by the time she starts her next album, sales will be even worse and her traditional album distribution contract might be reductive... :|

  3. Aa far as I've heard, "Nothing Really Matters" and "Nobody Knows Me" were at one point both in the setlist, performed back-to-back with M alone on stage.

    When NRM was removed from the setlist, parts of the choreography were incorporated into NKM.

    Nothing Really Matters was only mentioned by fansites and other supposed insiders, never confirmed. As it was not on that provisional setlist you posted, nor Jamie King ever talked about it, so it's likely not even true. And surely you confused Skin with Swim. :)

  4. Setlist so far :

    1. Holiday

    2. Like A Virgin

    3. Dress You Up

    4. Love Don't Live Here Anymore

    5. Into The Groove

    6. True Blue

    7. La Isla Bonita

    8. Who's That Girl

    9. Vogue

    10. Justify My Love

    11. Deeper & Deeper

    12. Music

    13. Between The Bars

    14. Living For Love

    15. Unapologetic Bitch

    16. Bitch I'm Madonna

    17. Holy Water

    18. S.E.X

    19. Iconic

    20. Heartbreak City

    21. Devil Pray

    22. Body Shop

    23. Ghost Town

    Going by the amount of songs so far, the full setlist looks almost complete!

    No Joan of Arc though? Safe to say she's not singing all the teased songs, or they are just snippets etc. I'm sure we don't know about several songs yet.

  5. The problem is a lot of the 1990's stuff tends to be slower and she went through that AC period. That doesn't work too well in a larger venue.

    Yeah that's true. And she did Evita stuff when she wanted to slow things down. Now she has several new ballads...

    However, Secret is a song that could be reinvented into anything. Of ALL the hits she's been ignoring in the past decade, it's the most puzzling for me. I can understand True Blue, Cherish, all the 90s ballads like The Power Of Good-Bye but not Secret. :(

  6. I love it when she properly re-invents old songs, giving them a whole new character but what I could not stand were the cheap MASH-UPs she did on S&S

    Well the majority of her reinventions that are not simply spiced-up album/TIC versions post-TGS are mashups and rock versions, even Candy Shop on MDNA was built around a sample. And then there are the acoustic/ballad versions, after these you barely have anything left, bar Erotica CT.


    Seems like she's doubling down on the songs she's previously hinted at on Instagram. Maybe this is a soft confirmation that the Insta teasers are in the setlist for real ...?

    Yeah both Dress You Up & Who's That Girl can be treated as definite in my opinion.

    Still having doubts about True Blue though, such an unlikely choice for her, about as much as This Used To Be My Playground or American Pie...

  8. That setlist of Mike McKnight was from early February, MONTHS before the first show so Madonna was not in full rehearsal mode yet. When the show was being put together by Jamie King, those things were already decided, he never talked about having to replace 7-8 songs because by that time the setlist was final except that one guitar song (he never mentioned Nothing Really Matters, by the way). My point is that there is no long history of Madonna rehearsing many songs for a show and it's not a relevant discussion for Rebel Heart Tour 6 weeks before the show when the setlist is surely final.

  9. She has been working on over 40 songs for RIT.

    Swim, Take a Bow, Ray of Light, Nothing Really Matters, I'm So Stupid, Dress You Up, DWRY, The Power of Good-Bye, Love Profusion among others were all considered, some were even part of the setlist for quite some time. Holiday was only an alternative for ITG or Music at first.

    These were never really confirmed though, most of those songs appeared on a provisional setlist nearly 4 months before the first show, most likely they only appeared "on paper" and she didn't work with them. All we know for sure is that the backdrop video of Frozen was done for Swim and she rehearsed Dress You Up & I'm So Stupid since they have studio versions. Jamie King did not talk about anymore dropped songs. At one point it's been said by Madonna Tribe that Madonna never ever rehearsed Love Profusion.

    There haven't been many songs she considered/rehearsed for tours that got eventually dropped, mostly it's 1-2 songs per tour like Some Girls & Falling Free for MDNA Tour. For CT she had Everybody ready from the promo tour and the choreographer of Erotica did his thing to the music of Deeper And Deeper but Madonna herself did not rehearse that song. DWT had I Want You dropped and Sticky & Sweet Tour also had several rumoured songs like Candy Perfume Girl or Waiting but Impressive Instant was the only one rehearsed and replaced (not sure about a supposed acoustic Open Your Heart in the place of Me Darava/Doli Doli).

    6 weeks before opening night I'm sure the setlist is final now and of all the songs mentioned, I would doubt Holiday the least...

  10. The one time she did a medley, the 4 songs fit the theme of that segment perfectly and it felt like one continous performance...

    A medley does not only mean several songs thrown together Janet-style, I think these can be considered as medleys as well:

    Live To Tell / Oh Father (Blond Ambition Tour)

    Mer Girl / Sky Fits Heaven (Drowned World Tour)

    Papa Don't Preach / Hung Up (MDNA Tour)

    Like A Virgin Waltz / Love Spent (MDNA Tour)

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