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  1. I get the whole "came a bit late" after all the Timbaland and Justin stuff but then look at the 20/20 experience. And then Pharell with Robin Thicke etc so in a way she was a bit ahead of the curve. It was like a bit late to the party with things too early for everyone to appreciate

    The "working late with a producer" thing was so biased, why didn't people say it for Bloodshy & Avant on COADF? Then Klas Ahlund, Jean-Baptiste & Jimmy Harry for MDNA? Not to mention, Diplo, Kanye, Avicii, Billboard, MoZella, S1 & Toby Gad on Rebel Heart? All of these people gave hits for other artists before Madonna used them...

  2. So RH is not physically demanding? Bye.

    But I doubt she'll ever do another show crazy cardio tour like S&S/MDNA. Do you remember how physically and mentally exhausted she was towards the end of the tours? Not again please

    I still don't see how MDNA Tour is more of a "cardio tour" than Rebel Heart Tour, only the opening and finale had hardcore dancing.

    I don't get either why people assume Rebel Heart Tour is not physically demanding, some fans act like it's the same as Kylie's Fever Tour for example, where she just stood at one spot and waved her arms... :rotfl:

  3. - "I know where beauty lives
    I've seen it once
    I know the warmth she gives
    The light that you could never see
    It shines inside
    You can't take that from me"

    - "Well I know from experience
    That if you have to ask for something
    More than once or twice
    It wasn't yours in the first place
    And that's hard to accept
    When you love someone
    And you're led to believe
    In their moment of need
    That they want what you want
    When they don't"

    - "When you looked into my eyes
    And you said goodbye
    Could you see my tears
    When I turned the other way
    Did you hear me say
    I'd wait for all the dark clouds bursting in a perfect sky
    You promised me when you said goodbye
    That you'd return when the storm was done
    And now I'll wait for the light
    I'll wait for the sun
    Till I feel your..."

    - "Happiness lies in your own hand
    It took me much too long to understand
    How it could be
    Until you shared your
    Secret with me"

    - "And the ground gave way beneath my feet
    And the earth took me in her arms
    Leaves covered my face
    Ants marched across my back
    Black sky opened up
    Blinding me

    I ran to the forest
    I ran to the trees
    I ran and I ran
    I was looking for me
    I ran to the lakes
    And up to the hill
    I ran and I ran
    I'm looking there still

    And I smelt her burning flesh
    Her rotting bones
    Her decay
    I ran and I ran
    I'm still running away"

    - "It's quiet as it is tonight
    You almost think you were safe
    Your eyes are full of surprises
    They cannot predict my fate
    Waiting underneath the stars
    There's something you should know
    The angels they surround my heart
    Telling me to let you go"

  4. This this this.

    These ROLighters/Confessioners need to STOP with all these "working with unknown producers for a cohesive record" suggestions as if it's the only way it works. Most of her records are produced/written by hit makers for god's sake and her 80's records were very eclectic. Thank god madonna the control freak was gone and I love how spontaneous her creative process has become. I'll take Rebel Heart over Confessions/Music any time any day bye.

    And it's ironic how the ROLighters conveniently ignore that Madonna used Rick Nowels on it, who co-wrote and co-produced Belinda Carlisle's Heaven Is A Place On Earth & Celine Dion's Falling Into You... :rotfl:

  5. She probably does but she also knew fans wanted True Blue, Who's That Girl and Deeper and Deeper. She cannot do everything everyone wants.

    AND even though everyone is begging for Take a Bow it's actually not really a fan favourite imo. I've read many people on here say they don't like that song. I believe when Whoop did his big voting poll some time ago it was not in the top 100.

    Yeah I think a lot of fans dislike Take A Bow because it's "too mid-90s Babyface" many fans detest her AC period anyway...

  6. Less props, more about the music, more hits as the show progresses. Basically she goes from "all about the Rebel Heart and current music most people don't know" to "all for my fans, here's all the hits from my first 3 albums, love u all".

    But i'm not complaining! I love this tour.

    But we know she cut stuff like those drums for Hold Tight (which i could almost BET Burning Up replaced), etc...

    It's not like post-DWT shows had more props, let's be serious now! Adding hits does not mean "less production costs" either. She usually crams the new songs at the first half of the show so you could use the same argument for TGS and CT as well.

    And I don't see how Hold Tight would fit inbetween Bitch I'm Madonna & Holy Water, two obviously "rebel" songs, nor how a number with drums mean "elaborate production", she basically did it in the previous tour with Give Me All Your Luvin'...

  7. now i understand why this show starts with a huge production and gets more and more stripped and full of hits.

    Probably when they started planning this tour and creating concepts they were expecting it to do better. Once they saw how much they would get, they had to cut costs.

    I love this tour but this is painfully obvious and has been discussed before. And i actually think it ended up being a blessing in disguise!

    Where does it show? Her costumes look best since more than a decade, the show hardly looks "cheaper" than RIT or CT. One could argue about interludes not having new footage but CT didn't have any either...

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