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  1. It's pretty good, but I'd say Chicago is still the best recording. Especially the remastered version by fans. That one's already almost as good as the official MDNA audio! :lol::sneaky:

    To me it sounds better, I hear more details and the volume is better without any tampering, but of course it's two songs less. I believe Dime has the first night of Cologne as well.

  2. This is a Greatest "hits"

    Is it though? It acts more as a "Best of Madonna" with post-Erotica albums represented evenly, adding Everybody & Burning Up in favor of True Blue and the 1990s ballad hits strays away from a proper GH concept as well...

    As for Miles Away, I believe Guy Oseary himself confirmed Japan was the reason of the inclusion of Miles Away and that they did not want to have different editions based on markets.

  3. does the medley have a official name?

    spanish medley? or what? im making a special wine bottle and I want to get it right

    Simply Dress You Up...?

    She sings Dress You Up in FULL and adds snippets of two songs, this is not a medley in the Who's That Girl Tour sense of the word.

  4. and i am confused with I'M A SINNER lyrics


    which is correct?

    a. surfs the sky for a place to call home

    b. surf the sky....

    c. searches the sky....

    d. search the sky...

    e. something else... :/

    I'm pretty sure she sings this line differently live than on the album version.

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