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  1. Its highly unlikely shell go back to Europe again soon... BUT its highly likely a promo concert will happen in NYC!

    It seems she is going to perform once in her major markets (twice in UK) during the next month which will more likely act as tour promo than actual album promo. I'd expect a performance added for Germany and that would be all.

  2. If you pre-order one of the Rebel Heart editions through German Amazon (standard, mp3, deluxe, Super Deluxe, vinyl) you will receive an email on March 7 with all the details how to purchase your tickets for Madonna’s stops in Germany in the upcoming world tour. You can pre-order until March 5!

    If you have already made your pre-order, you will automatically get the email as well. More new will be made available on the German stops of her upcoming tour in the next two weeks.

    More info HERE

    http://www.amazon.de/s/ref=amb_link_186 ... B00T73ATFW

    Info thanks to http://madonnaunderground.com/

    Thanks for the info! She is coming soon!

  3. Does anyone know when the pre sale for tickets begins does it mean better seats for better prices and then after that the sales go up? I didn't get my tickets for S&S or MDNA until weeks later after they went on sale and I kind of got screwed.

    I'd still bet on March 10th being this date.

    And yeah, she never spent a full year promoting the album. The Girlie Show followed Erotica by 11 months only because she had those movie projects. She stopped promoting the album early 1993 and onlyfilmed the Rain video between Body of Evidence premiere & tour rehearsals. Ray Of Light had a second wave of promo in the Fall of 1998 most likely only because Warner found out she would not tour the album but signed to do The Next Best Thing. Hence why The Power Of Good-Bye was a bigger hit in Europe than the title track, which Madonna did not promote bar 2 US performances.

  4. I love what Kanye did with it. The demo is ok, but the final is very much an improvement. I love the industrial edge, as well as her dead-pan raps. THIS is the RAPdonna that I like.


    I feel the same way about it now, this has grown on me immensely!

  5. For MDNA, we actually never got any official statements regarding the writing and production credits.

    The full credits were revealed by Billboard in their track-by-track review of the album, two weeks before the album was released.

    Unfortunately that link does not work now, but apparently the credits of Superstar were printed incorrenctly in the MDNA booklet as well, since Michael Malih both co-wrote and co-produced the song (it's correct in the online databases).

    EDIT: I found that review on other sites and apparently they missed a few more credits, including Some Girls co-produced by Klas Ahlund, Love Spent co-produced by Free School & Masterpiece featuring additional production by Jimmy Harry (Orbit's involvement was a lot less in this album than generally assumed), I guess we will only know Rebel Heart credits for sure when we hold the booklet in our hands.

  6. She almost wrote the entire album with Mozella, Toby and S1!

    Kind of surprising, she never co-wrote so many songs with hitmakers until now.

    ASCAP now only misses the Team Avicii-based tracks (Devil Pray, HeartBreakCity, Wash All Over Me, Messiah, Rebel Heart, Borrowed Time, Addicted) + Holy Water, Auto-Tune Baby & Beautiful Scars, the latter we have no clue about I guess...

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