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  1. Rihanna's Unapologetic didn't either, due to time constraints. You'd think Rebel Heart would at least list her as the executive producer on the back or something but what can we do

    Not the same either, digital versions had a booklet and the box set edition as well:



  2. But with Prince you just assume he did most of the writing, production and instrumentation, so it's pretty different. I don't think there's ever been an album with this many collaborators that didn't have credits.

    That's correct, it was also an independent release.

    I wonder if it's actually the way too many collaborators and post-leak reworks that caused the lack of credits in print. And none of the Avicii tracks appear at ASCAP while the rest has been up for weeks now, what if there are royalties issues?

  3. AllMusic review is up but no stars yet it seems:


    Rebel Heart was introduced to the world with an indiscipline uncharacteristic of Madonna. Blame it on hackers who rushed out a clutch of unfinished tracks at the end of 2014, a few months before the record's scheduled spring release. Madonna countered by putting six full tracks up on a digital service, a move that likely inflated the final Deluxe Edition of Rebel Heart up to a whopping 19 tracks weighing in at 75 minutes, but even that unveiling wasn't performed without a hitch: during an ornate performance of "Living for Love," she stumbled on-stage at the BRIT Awards. Such cracks in Madge's armor happily play into the humanity coursing through Rebel Heart (maybe the hiccups were intentional after all?), a record that ultimately benefits from its daunting mess. All the extra space allows ample room for detours, letting Madonna indulge in both Erotica-era taboo-busting sleaze ("Holy Water") and feather-light pop ("Body Shop"). Although she takes a lingering look back at the past on "Veni Vidi Vici" -- her cataloging of past hits walks right on the edge of camp, kept away from the danger zone by a cameo from Nas -- Rebel Heart, like any Madonna album, looks forward. Opener "Living for Love" announces as much, as its classic disco is soon exploded into a decibel-shattering EDM pulse coming courtesy of co-producer Diplo. Madonna brings him back a few more times -- the pairing of the reggae-bouncing "Unapologetic Bitch" and Nicki Minaj showcase "Bitch I'm Madonna," their titles suggesting vulgarity, their execution flinty and knowing -- but she cleverly balances these clubby bangers with "Devil Pray," an expert evocation of her folktronica Y2K co-produced by Avicii, and "Illuminati," a sleek, spooky collaboration with Kanye West. These are the anchors of the album, grounding the record when Madonna wanders into slow-churning meditation, unabashed revivals of her '90s adult contemporary mode, casual confession ("I spent sometime as a narcissist"), and defiant celebrations of questionable taste. Undoubtedly, some of this flair would've been excised if the record was a manageable length, but the blessing of the unwieldiness is that it does indeed represent a loosening of Madonna's legendary need for control. Certainly, the ambition remains, along with the hunger to remain on the bleeding edge, but she's allowing her past to mingle with her present, allowing her to seem human yet somewhat grander at the same time.

  4. Apparently Rami Yacoub, who co-wrote Devil Pray, used to be Max Martin's right hand during the early Britney years and is responsible for a lot of One Direction songs, plus Nicki Minaj's Starships.


    Savan Kotecha, the other co-writer also did those One Direction songs, plus Britney's If U Seek Amy, I Wanna Go & Christina's Your Body. :drama:


  5. It's still a likely theory and would explain why she recorded ~40 songs for one project when she had never done that in the past 30 years. I'm sure nobody expected album sales to collapse 5 years ago when they prepared the distribution deal... I never understood why she did this deal when prior to that she talked about reinventing the wheel in terms of music distribution, something didn't happen for Madonna...

  6. ^But in Take A Bow she was not the matador, this is actually the complete opposite concept now.

    Apart from her usual favs like Human Nature she does tend to do the hits, just look at the tracklist of The Immaculate Collection/Celebration and compare the songs she's done on the past 4 tours. I think most of the old songs will be the hits left off MDNA Tour, like Holiday or Music...

  7. One could perhaps wrongly assume that William is trying to discredit Madonna's involvement in some of these tracks from the Ray of Light album.

    Don't think so, it's been well-known that the title track is not a song written by Madonna. Or that Has To Be is simply sung over an instrumental track by William Orbit for example. He's been posting stuff like this for a while now, see MDNA instrumentals.

  8. HavenHigh, on 07 Mar 2015 - 04:25 AM, said:

    What about the following:

    Mark Kamins

    Reggie Lucas (all of the Madonna-penned tracks on "Madonna" other than "Everybody")

    Jellybean Benitez ("Holiday", "Crazy For You" and "Gambler")

    Nile Rodgers (every track on "Like A Virgin")

    Ah yes I forgot about the early years, I was only thinking that it hadn't happened post-1998! Except a few cases like Nothing Fails or Easy Ride on American Life where Mirwais didn't get a writer credit. Same for William Orbit with Masterpiece (though he didn't even play the instruments for that one).

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