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  1. The same way I don't see Body Shop or BIM being performed live, I can't see Some Girls either. I can see it as an interlude. Like justify my love. If it was an interlude with a reworked instrumental I'd be very intrigued.

    But wasn't it rehearsed for MDNA Tour in place of Vogue?

    It's the album version of Love Spent that is too fast for her to sing live.

  2. Gang Bang was her fav in 2012 but I doubt that one would return. There are several RH songs that could only work as video interludes (still can't see how she is supposed to do Bitch I'm Madonna or Body Shop live) so I don't think MDNA has a lot of chance, neither Erotica, American Life, Confessions On A Dance Floor & Hard Candy in fact apart from samples/snippets based on what she's been doing from those albums.

  3. ^ She had always planned to tour after American Life and said as much in her interview with Richard Wilkins which was aired in April of 2003. She even stated that the tour would take place the following year.

    Not true, back then she was only talking about "the next tour which would have more hits" but rest of AL promo had no mention of a tour at all. Later on she said Re-Invention Tour only happened because of her 2 movie projects late 2003/early 2004 fell through.

  4. Give It 2 Me was also sampled in GGW and then performed during Celebration, HC got quite a number of nods on the tour. While COADF has only been represented with Hung Up on the last 2 tours and one small sample on S&ST.

    I would like her to skip MDNA but would be even better if she did Some Girls!

  5. I really like the song but it seems really out of place on the album imo!

    It's just that she's talking about something that isn't about herself really. She mentions like 350 celebrities, so not really as personal as the others where she blatantly speaks about herself tbh

    But it is about herself as well since she is "believed to be part of it", as she talked about it in the Rolling Stone interview:


    The production of this one is the best on the album!

  6. They are listed on the label copy. And any album needs one to be released.

    And do we know if they are correct and up to date? ASCAP does not even include Nicki Minaj for Bitch I'm Madonna while obviously she wrote her own part and that's only one example (or MNEK's involvement in LFL) so maybe the label copy had the credits rushed without acknowleding reworks/final versions etc...

  7. It's safe to say Joan of Arc will be performed acoustic so besides Ghosttown, would she really do all those slow songs like HeartBreakCity, Inside Out, Wash All Over Me, Best Night & Messiah? The show would get really ballad-heavy, personally I don't think Best Night has a lot of chance to appear in the show. Not even as an interlude since Illuminati, Bitch I'm Madonna & Veni Vidi Vici are better candidates (since she really cannot do these songs live, only parts of them, same goes for Body Shop).

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