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  1. Like my previous post or not, this video is boring and include mistakes. One of the clear ones the concept is telling different thing than how madonna looks like. Jonas Akerlund is overrated like I saw before. Sorry this time and I hope "art" for BIM and tour.
  2. how can it be better than hung up really? ok video is good but so basic. there is something wrong, like her make up, her outfit. Beauthy and dance is not necessary for this kind of video. Look at "earth song." If you are a living legend, you have to be better. To making a better video for ghosttown is not hard anyway. You have time and money.
  3. try this link again: http://meerkatapp.co/madonna/sch-e0ddbdf3-ff6a-4b6a-bb0c-6c8b717ae86d
  4. First I saw merkaat premiere, I said "fuck." Because it is dead platform anyway. Periscope is better and I'm sure Guy Oseary dont know it. This'll be one of the worst choises of this era.
  5. but don't forget, madonna wanted 4th clip and it ll be for superstar... even mdna could take 4 clip, rebel heart ll do too
  6. what? Ghost town? really? warner bros? http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop-shop/6509439/adam-lambert-ghost-town-new-single-teaser
  7. 1. Illimunati 2. Rebel Heart 3. Graffiti Heart 4. Autotune baby 5. Beautiful Scars
  8. So is album available for download? or tomorrow?
  9. a fan says his favourite song is "heartbreak city" is he ok? how can you say that when you talk to Madonna? Its not available for download. I think she was angry for that answer.
  10. 1. Living for love 2. Ghosttown 3. Unapologetic Bitch 4. Devil Pray 5. Bitch I'm Madonna 6. Hold Tight 7. Joan Of Arc 8. Illuminati 9. Iconic
  11. I know you don't like it. But the most successful musical arrangement is on Give Me All Your Luvin, and I love it. Other two is simpler, but of course I like them too.
  12. Aah Francis Bacon. I just realized not philosopher one, this is painter one.
  13. this game does not play like this. favorite song should get the highest score. otherwise a song may be the first ever non-points. :/
  14. Tragic Girl can be good. This song no need a "Chorus". I don't like "Every time you say goodbye it feels like the end of the world Every time I start to cry I feel like the most tragic girl" part.. with some changes, it ll be better.
  15. I think like that. They can make itunes version different than booklet. Please no stinginess. :/
  16. Runa in this forum, I'm sure no one told before, that you are how poor. Muah. anyway..
  17. I don't like most of demos except inside out and hold tight. :/
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