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  1. I'll say it before anyone else does (even if I don't agree with it).....

    But what about her legacy?? Perfumes, rappers, skin care, gyms......it's ruining everything she's worked for......oh and I can't forget the young boyfriends and cheeks.....those are going to ruin her legacy too. I mean, who at this point thinks of Madonna making music?? Vogue, LAP, LAV.....all on the verge of being forgotten because of perfume she released two years ago. I know that's the first thing I think of when I hear the name madonna now......perfume.

  2. I'm So Stupid (2003) ("I'm so stupid, 'cause I used to live in a fuzzy dream...")

    Miles Away (2008) ("I just woke up from a fuzzy dream, you never would believe the things that I have seen.")

    Broken (2009) ("I've woken from a fuzzy dream. You never would believe the things that I have seen")

    Ok so two. Broken hardly counts since it is so obscure and was never officially released. I'll give her a pass on that one. :). However, the whole waiting/anticipating/hesitating and celebration/hesitation rhyme needs to be retired.
  3. I respect your opinion.

    However I disagree.

    YES GMAYL did lose some "counts" due to chart rules with the way it was intually offered, but for me the song is not in the same league as Hung Up, 4Minutes, Frozen or Music...all killer Madonna-leads, so even if Madonna had rolled out MORE promo after the Bowl, it couldn't resurrect the song from sinking without a trace.

    I think GMAYL is one of the rare times in her career ONLY her "fans" bought into.

    Totally agree!
  4. Well that's the 64million dollar question.

    See STILL in and out of he studio with collaborators finalising the music


    DIPLO has CONFIRMED the first single is ready...but the album obviously isn't?

    My guess is they've recorded an absolute winner (hung up, music) and it's been put on "ice" whilst she finishes the rest of the album.

    But my guess is Hung Up was prepared as the "first single" months before Confessions was "completed"....

    So it's not un-likly the first singles been choosen ahead of the album being "finished".

    I bet she's not still recording. Isn't it likely that NASis adding a rap to an already completed single like Kanye did on The Beat Goes On or Lil Wayne did on Revolver. These songs are often recorded as is and then the guest artist is added later if they can get who that want.

  5. I don't think Adelles album was EVER intended to be out this year....it was just rumours.

    I think Madonnas was intended for Q4 but has been pushed back to next year....but I don't think Adelle is working to any deadline other than her own, hence the long wait....Madonna will be working, I'd assume, to a deadline of March 2015....so she can tour next summer.

    But why is she delaying? With so many recorded tracks I think it's to give us a stellar double album, otherwise she would have had more than enough material to be ready to release it already.

  6. Honestly, I love them both but LTT has such vulnerability and artistry to it. Paradoxically, it's also a fearless song at least from a marketing standpoint. In 1986 who but M would possibly be brave enough to release a haunting, mysterious ballad as the follow up to the mega selling LAV and the first single from True Blue? Would her fans like it? Would they appreciate her evolution or say she was better with the old stuff? Nobody but M would have the balls. The fact that it went to #1 shows what a timeless, classic and well written song it was. Can you imagine a contemporary pop starlet from today releasing that song or something like it? No, me neither.

  7. Hmm, it seems like everyone's definition of "filler" is different. Sounds like some people think of filler as just "a song I don't like". I'm gagging seeing songs like "waiting" "secret garden" "where's the party" "love tried to welcome me" "push" "to have and not to hold" and "swim" on other peoples lists: all amazing songs that have meant so much to me,

    I think of filler as a really crappy song that was only included because the record company needed something to record to put out the album with a respectable amount of tracks. With that definition I think the only M albums with filler are LAV and True Blue. On LAV I think Pretender and Stay are much inferior to the rest of the tracks. On True Blue it's Jimmy Jimmy and Love Makes the World Go Round. IMHO she hasn't had much filler since, personally I really hate "incredible" on HC and "Superstar" on MDNA. But both songs are a fully realized version of a concept M wanted to put out. Just cause I don't like them doesn't mean they are filler.

  8. It was Luca! I remember cause M yells at him when he comes out late during TGS encore of "everybody"

    What was that dancer's name? God, he was so hot. I'm pretty sure I jerked off to that Girlie Show tape a bunch of times when I was a kid.

    He was called Lucas.

    He was in Birdcage in the "Martha Graham/Fosse/Madonna" Robin Williams clip - the "Try more gum" part.

    He went on to work with Gerri Halliwell.

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