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  1. Sooooooo 12 pages of schlock to wade through and the only new piece of info on the album is one post about some potential lyrics? So much crap!

    Things I love about this forum: 1) the potential to learn new info quicker than anywhere else 2) a group of people who are just as crazy (borderline obsessive) about the same woman as I have followed for the past 25 years.

    Things I hate about it: 1) members who post about nothing. 2) members who act like the cast of Mean Girls and confuse being a bitch to other people with wit. Just cause you have 7 million posts doesn't mean you're any more a Madonna fan than anyone else.

    And I'm sure I've just opened myself up to the onslaught of hate but really, let's try to keep it cordial guys. Lemme know when there's something real to discuss.

  2. I have a cousin who has a friend that dates a guy whose sister in law's uncle's first cousin Sasha is a makeup artist for an off broadway company who overheard an intern in the hallway before a show talking on his cell phone with someone who it sounded like may have been in the music industry talking about Madonna discussing her track listing for the new album on a conference call with representatives from the major record labels in the country discussing track listings and distribution rights! They told me all the latest info and I have it if you wanna know, just PM me! It wouldn't be right to post it here for just anyone to see, since this is real industry insider stuff and I don't wanna hurt madonna by posting this firsthand knowledge publicly. It's just that I have this great hookup for gossip about the new album and need to share it with the die hard fans


  3. It obviously bothers you, or you wouldn't take the time to post.

    I never mentioned any suppositions, those are my opinions. When I use the word "confirm", you can feel free to quote me and hold me responsible. My past posts simply say I don't believe she will tour this year, her contract states the amount of times she's required to, not the schedule it has to fall on. Madonna has said many times she enjoys the process and preparing for the tour, the beginning and end, not necessarily the whole project. My opinion. If what I have to share is too tiresome to read, then maybe it's time for a nap?

    This is true. Don't remember where, but I remember her talking about when she's in the middle of a tour it gets really repetitive and grueling. That's why she never goes out for a realllllly long time like some acts do. I think doing the same show night after night can get really monotonous and then she can't wait for the end so she can throw herself into a new project. She's a restless artist basically!

  4. From Drownedmadonna.com:

    Madonna's first single will be Living For Love

    Are you ready for Madonna new single? Find out what we heard from reliable insiders.

    It’s a little bit unexpected, especially after what Diplo said, we heard that the first single from Madonna‘s new album will be Living For Love. Madonna really loves this track. Living For Love will feature Alicia Keys at the piano.

    We also heard that the video for Madonna‘s Living For Love will be filmed in New York next January.

    I fucking called it! Just sayin ;)

  5. Damn! You can't deny that both of these tracks sound really GREAT!! I love that we got to hear a different section of Rebel Heart ( the bridge?) and Wash All Over Me just sounds like heaven. Big. Gay. Heaven!

    A thought about the leaks themselves: two 10 second mini clips? in much better HQ? leaked the day after the LQ leak? I'm thinking the first one was unauthorized but these are very calculated leaks from Guy and Interscope. I'm imagining some frantic transatlantic calls from NY to Malawi yesterday to get the queen's approval. Lol. But this is QUALITY!

  6. ^ That is not SOON.

    sigh....are we debating the definition of "soon" now? Is soon two weeks? one month? 3 months? When you see a preview in the movie theater and it says coming soon how long before the actual movie is released? It depends, but sometimes quite a while.

    I don't think it's worth carping about. It will happen when it's ready and I know we are impatient but no amount of wishing and bitching is gonna make it happen before she wants to release it.

    But I do think we're close. Dare I say...soon. :)

  7. All of this information is so bewildering! Rap, dance, pop, orchestral, choral, hip hop? 17 producers mixers and writers, 24 featured artists and 174 song titles? It's impossible to know what she's really planning and I bet she LOVES that!

    Here's a thought: maybe all of this info is just a smoke screen and she's finishing up the final touches on a new album with Pat Leonard as we speak :)

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