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  1. Wow I've finally reached the end of the thread!

    My emotions swerved all over the place while watching that performance but I gotta say, I've been in a lot of shows and when you do things live, shit happens. You can't plan for it. It's nobody's fault but it's the nature of live performance. But man, was she ever triumphant to finish that performance with such a fiery spirit and "nothing's gonna stop me attitude". She's the queen. Bow down!

  2. It has ALWAYS been this way. Her career has only had short spurts of critical praise. Most of the rest of the time she's been resented because of her willingness to challenge societies norms about femininity, sexuality, and now expectations about age. It is what has made her so reviled but also why she has had such a successful and long lasting impact on our culture. I'd much rather have her career than be a critical darling one day and then forgotten the next like Whitney, Celine, Mariah, or Cyndi. And yes one day in 5-10 years Taylor, Katy and Rihanna will be added to that list.

  3. I was aware of Madonna in the 80s as a little kid but it was Like A Prayer when I was 11 that turned me into a superfan. I remember sitting in the car while my dad went for a jog and blasting that song so loud! The way it built to that orgasmic crescendo when the chorus finally hits. It was too much for my preteen brain to take in! So after that I went back and discovered all of her previous albums. Each one was a precious jewel and way better than any other artist who was around at the time.

    I remember NO ONE had the fame that M and Michael Jackson had. In the 80s and early 90s there was this level of hysteria that I have never seen since. I mean other stars have had fans: Whitney, Cyndi, Janet, Paula, nsync, Britney, boys to men, mariah, but none of them had the kind of universal impact that Michael and Madonna had.

    I remember going to her BA tour in Worcester MA when I was 12. Yes my parents actually let me go! It was insane and transcendent. She blew the audience away with her artistry and persona. And then there was express yourself, vogue, truth or dare, the immaculate collection, justify my love. Every new move exploded into the zeitgeist.

    And yet even though she was the biggest celebrity in the world she was also relentlessly attacked. She was a whore, talentless, a vampire sucking away the talent of her songwriters and producers, a businesswoman but not much else, a calculated manipulator with forgettable songs. She was the most famous woman in the world and yet still an outsider. It's just that the success and popularity outweighed the criticism.

    At least until Erotica. That's when everything changed. She had "gone too far". And the criticism was brutal. People were so gleeful tearing her down. It was not easy to be an M fan in 1993 in high school. I got so tired of defending her that I eventually just refused to even talk about her with my friends.

    But since then she has revived her career so many times: take a bow and BS, evita, ROL, music, coadf, 4 minutes,. It's just that the world has changed and it's not really possible for anyone to reach the heights of celebrity of the 80s. Maybe the Beatles or Elvis did it before? Those are the only other people who would know.

    I'm still waiting for the world to give Madonna the respect she has earned. Even after 38 top ten singles people still call her music forgettable. She's in the rock and roll hall of fame but somehow still talentless. Maybe when she's dead or in her 80s it will finally be ok to acknowledge her massive influence on the music industry and people will do tribute records or duets albums with her like they do for Elvis, the Beatles,Frank Sinatra and MJ.

    The criticism she gets now is exactly as it has always been. But she's always been a rebel heart. Her willingness to swim upstream and cut against the grain and be so successful doing it is exactly what has made her so inspiring to millions around the world.

  4. I don't know why anyone's complaining over the order of the tracklist. More than likely it will change anyway... it did twice for MDNA if I recall. (remember: Love Spent was originally listed as a bonus track :lmao: )

    Yeah I'm not sure I understand the criticism of some songs not "flowing" into the vibe of the next song. Madonna has always put songs that are very different right next to each other. Just look at the LAP album. Promise to try to cherish? Oh Father to Keep It together? TDDUP to Promise to Try? Each was a huge shift in mood, style and tempo and I think it was purposeful. Kinda like cleansing your palate before starting the next course.

  5. I also think Ghosttown might be huge (AC radio at least might play it to death), but if that was the case, wouldn't it have picked up more steam on spotify by now? I think it's the fourth most played song.

    yeah point taken but I think any Madonna single would need a push and promotion. Let's face it, she's 56 and not Taylor Swift or Katy Perry so no single of hers is going to become a hit magically a la Dark Horse. Given the right exposure though it's a song that could become very popular with people of all different generations.

  6. No, just no. This is an old rumor (I've read that weeks ago on Twitter). Plus, we don't even know what is in the LFL video so I doubt that rumors about the second video location would be leaked like that. And we all know what will be the second single (you will find a hint in the album's title :queenbitch: ).

    I don't know. I hope it's true. I think Ghosttown would be a huge hit. There's no reason the can't release that second and then do Rebel Heart third. How many singles were released before True Blue? I think LTT, then PDP and then TB right?

  7. OMG. This is probably my favorite video of hers ever. It is ART. Atmospheric, beautiful, sad, but with a clear message behind it that exemplifies and extends the themes in the lyrics. Oh father, vogue, Bedtime Story, express yourself, all classic video. But this one blows me away!

  8. What makes you think we all want to be liked by Madonna or make Madonna happy? I'm a Madonna fan not a sheep. And I'm not responsible for these leaks so I'm not going to feel bad about listening to them. Get real.

    And every single person on this forum has Madonna leaks of some kind in their possession. We've spent years discussing photo leaks. Madonna finally finds out and says it's "wrong" suddenly it's wrong?

    If you actually believe what you're saying you should go to your computer now and delete every single unreleased demo, video or photo. Otherwise you're a hypocrite. Or do you think she approves of all those demos, tour rehearsals, Reinvention tour footage, BAT bootlegs etc etc that have leaked over the years? Those are stolen too!

    Oh please! You see no difference between a leaked track that was not chosen for an album that gets leaked after the fact, sometimes years later and this situation where we are talking about early demos of material that is yet to be released? Your rationalizations are kind of laughable. Have some integrity man.

  9. There's absolutely no reason to shame or criticize fans who listen to the leaks (just as there's no reason to do that to those who choose not to). The people who stole, bought, and leaked the tracks are the problem. Expecting fans not to seek out new Madonna music when it's out there is ridiculous.

    There's absolutely no reason to shame or criticize fans who listen to the leaks (just as there's no reason to do that to those who choose not to). The people who stole, bought, and leaked the tracks are the problem. Expecting fans not to seek out new Madonna music when it's out there is ridiculous.

    I completely disagree with this. To me that's like saying somebody else robbed the bank, I just took some of the money that fell in the street behind them as they ran away.

    I've been thinking about this leak situation a lot and I think it comes down to that there are two kinds of fans. One kind doesn't just like Madonna's music, but respects her as an artist and a human being. The other kind of fan sees Madonna as a commodity. A person who produces music for their personal pleasure but they don't give a shit about her as an artist or a person. How else can you explain the lame excuses about lack of willpower and "well it's already out there"? There is no supply without demand and if we didn't listen there would be no reason to steal in the first place.

    She point blank asked us all to not listen to them. So do you respect her wishes or not? And if you don't how can you call yourself a loyal fan?

  10. So...... I just put this song on and after 5 seconds my older son who is 7 shouts from his room "I love this song!!!" He's only heard it maybe 2 or 3 times. And then my other son who is 6 says " yeah me too, and daddy I heard this song in music today!" Apparently the younger generation loves this song and it's spreading like wildfire. I'm thinking maybe it should be a single. ;)

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