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  1. TGS wasn't just sexy though, it was art. I think it's my favorite tour, even more than BA which I actually saw when I was 12. But TGS had such variety and heart. It shocked me , wowed me, made me horny, made me emotional, made me love my sisters and brothers, made me want to dance, and finally introduced me to Sly and the Family Stone. Unbeatable!

  2. I'm pretty sure I jerked off once or twice to the orgy (and "The Beast Within") on VHS when I was 13. Masturbation material was limited back then. :laugh:

    Oh my god yes! The tv remote in my room was probably covered in spooge. Carlton! Luca! Damn!

  3. Yes true, but the first version we all heard was the Avicci version with WAOM. I still feel the chorus in that version is just absolutely euphoric and sounds like a classic Madonna chorus melody hook only the way she can write em.

    I really agree. I love the whoosh and energy of the demo version. That part is missing in the album version but either way I love the lyrics. So personal to M and yet so relatable at the same time. Rebel heart is just a straight up awesome song all around.
  4. For those audience who always go to the studio and always get free cds... do those numbers count toward sales too...?

    Lol really? This is the exact question I asked right after the show aired only I was asking it sarcastically and ironically to kind of make fun of all the chart watchers. Are we that chart obsessed? Just enjoy the amazing interviews, promo and of course performances.

  5. I would have loved to see the double album concept. It would have been more cohesive and cleared up the "confusion" that many critics have complained about. My idea was she could have included both versions of "Rebel Heart" on a double CD. Open the first disc with the Avicci version to introduce the "rebel" side and then close the "heart" cd with the acoustic album version. That would have been a great way to bookend the whole project. Sort of like how Sarah McLachlan bookended Fumbling Towards Ecstasy with two versions of Possession (if you know that album). Ah well, woulda, coulda, shoulda. It's still a pretty fucking amazing album.

  6. Yeah it's probably better to have never heard the demo. I still hear the wah uh wah uhs in my head when it gets to that part. I'm convinced this is a demo she would have kept had it not leaked. The leaks fucked with her whole artistic process and i think she started to second guess herself. Don't get me wrong, I love this song. But it's hard not to feel a little deflated. The demo felt like her comeback anthem while the album version feels like stripped down Madonna unplugged.

  7. I am dead. DEAD. I don't know how to recover, and the strength has gone from my legs.

    All other pop singers would cut off one of their fingers to write a melody this beautiful.

    The lyrics, the vocals, the orchestra. Crying.

    I think you and I have the same tastes! This song is sooo beautiful!! Majestic. Mysterious. Lyrically intriguing. Musically gorgeous, orchestral and epic. Killer chorus. I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more love on here but it seems like this track has been overshadowed by some of the louder and controversial stuff.

  8. Love this track. I very only listened to it twice yesterday but it's been running through my head all day. Its so sensual and melodic. Love the middle eastern influence and the nod to JML. Is anyone else hearing shades of To Have and Not to Hold?

  9. After everything I heard about this song and all the reviews I was sure I was gonna hate it, but I LOVE this song!!! It's sooooo funny and tongue in cheek and the production is sick. You gotta be impressed that M has the balls to even record a song like this. But it's campy good fun and fuck anyone who says she can't sing just because of her age. Love it!

  10. Wow ok. I can't look at anybody else's list til I've made my own.

    Here goes.

    1. Vogue

    2. Like a prayer

    3. Holiday

    4. Live to tell

    5. La isla Bonita

    6. Jump

    7. To have and not to hold

    8 music

    9.ray of light

    10 deeper and deeper

    11 keep it together

    12 papa don't preach

    13 secret garden

    14 oh father

    15. Burning up

    16. Where's the party

    17 heartbeat

    18 frozen

    19. Borderline

    20 swim

    21 time stood still

    22 impressive instant

    23 easy ride

    24 ghosttown

    25 devil pray

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