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  1. after this response, im done responding to your ignorance on THIS subject.

    accept that people are different. accept them not accepting you, the way youre not accepting them.

    the answer is there.

    No! This perspective is totally warped. No one is saying people who are deeply religious must accept gays. I "accept them not accepting me" as you say. In fact I don't give a shit whether they do or not. But what I won't accept are a bunch of laws passed by southern states under the guise of "religious freedom" that are just thinly veiled attempts to deny equality to gay people. No one is telling anyone what to believe in their church. But they are trying to make it ok for me to be denied services from business owners, therapists and medical professionals simply because if sexual orientation. That's discrimination, plain and simple.
  2. This show was an amazing experience! I've seen 5 previous Madonna tours and this one might be the best time I've ever had, except for maybe Blond Ambition when I was 12. Madonna has always put on amazing production numbers but tonight she was also unafraid to be human and vulnerable in front of the audience. My favorite moments of this tour surprisingly were those intimate times. The crowd was soooooo with her. Singing along to every song. Thunderous ovations for obscure stuff like LDLHA. And that unforgettable spontaneous stop the show madness with her standing center stage after GT. the applause just grew and grew until everyone in the arena was growing emotional. ahhh!

    For me the show kept getting better as it went along too. the Japanese/religious segment and the mechanic section were great but I loved the latin section and the Great Gatsby ending segment was impeccable. So well thought out! Great variety of moods, mix of songs, combining artistry, costumes, visuals, spectacle and heart into a kind of production that only she can do. She is unrivaled. What did she say during Material Girl "it's lonely at the top....but it sure ain't crowded". Bow down!

  3. What a show - i am still totally buzzing from it

    When she finished Who's That Girl and said she had been thinking of doing a new song but wasn't sure she was ready to do it - Brooklyn went bat shit screaming for her to do it. And it turned out to be GT!! OMG I was screaming - I have no voice today LOL

    I will never forget in my life the crowd reaction during and after that song - deafening sustained rapturous applause - I hope M never forgets it either. She teared up and I am tearing up now just remembering it.

    There is soooo much joy in this show - i hope everyone here get's the opportunity to experience it. M seems to be having an absolute blast. Last night she was adorable and sweet and funny. There were so many amazing interactions. Her dedication to DM with True Blue was so sweet. Pretending to push up the staircase with a huge groan after LDLHA. Laughing about airing out her pussy before Who's That Girl. Discussing hiding her cellulite by crossing her legs in a certain way. And before La Vie en Rose when the platform she was sitting on didn't lift up high enough so she was under the level of the microphone she kept saying 'i need to go up, I need to go up, i need to go up' in the sweetest way.

    What a memorable show..

    And don't forget "I'll just have to get up on my knees.....as USUAL!!" bwahaha!!

  4. I love ROL but...hands down LAP is THE classic Madonna masterpiece. ROL is innovative, creative and heartfelt but LAP has the breathtaking variety and artistic ambition with confessional and poetic songs like PTT and Oh Father, the haunting and brutally honest TDDUP and experimentation and breadth with Dear Jessie, Love Song and Act of Contrition. Oh, and the singles were probably the most varied and amazing of her entire career. LAP is Madonna at her creative zenith!

  5. Well it's just my opinion but I view Rihanna as a manufactured artist with minimal talent like Britney Spears. I like her music but I think Madonna is above duets with people like that. There are better wagons to hitch on to.

    Yeah I hear what your saying and I think I agree, but I'd rather see M win ugly than not win at all, and that's how I view this duet idea.

  6. Well I am not worrying about it since I'm not a Rihanna fan :lol: My point is if she's going to cheapen a great promo campaign with a duet with some pop princess then Rihanna is not the way to go. She's doing okay but she doesn't have the midas touch she had afew years back. So there would be no major benefit imo of a duet with her. And I prefer Unapologetic Bitch with just Madonna.

    I respectfully disagree. "Bitch better get my Money" isn't a hit because it's a god awful song. "Four Five Seconds" is a minor hit in spite of the fact that it's pretty crappy (kinda catchy chorus, but not great) solely because it's riding Rihanna's persona and rabid fan base. Give her a good song (like pretty much anything on Rebel Heart) and she will probably smash. Why shouldn't M hitch herself to that wagon?

  7. I actually think this makes a lot of sense for both of them but I doubt it will happen. I envision a conversation between them going something like this.

    M: Riri! I've got great material for this album but I could release Like A Prayer today and radio wouldn't play it. Fucking sucks!"

    R: "I hear you girl. Radio will play anything I release but I spent two years in the studio and the songs just aren't very good so I can't get a smash and I'm embarrassed by my discography. Fucking sucks!"

    M: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Let's rerecord 'Unapologetic Bitch'! I'll give you a verse and some choruses to sing on. You can get some quality material and I will get the radio play that I so obviously deserve. It's a win win!"

    R: "ok cool. You're the best Madonna!"

    Or something like that. :)

  8. LOVED it!!!!!! There is no one else like this woman. Period.

    The choreography was exactly what I needed for this song!!! Exactly. What. I. Needed.

    ...but yeah, the constant throwing under the bus of previous singles/videos/performances is getting REAL tired. :lmao:

    It is possible to enjoy everything in its context, without having to pit each thing against each other like it's a competition. It's just silly. (and misses the entire concept of this project...)

    Not to mention having the courage of your convictions to stick by your opinion of something regardless of how it performs commercially. :newspaper:

    This entire era is on point artistically.

    LFL was classic, painterly, extravagant, symbolic... (a powerful statement that Madonna will always take down and conquer her demons/critics...).

    GT was emotional, nuanced, rich, cinematic... (a beautiful statement that not even the greatest destruction can take her down...)

    BIM is fabulously rachet, care-free, classic 'don't give a fuck' but still entirely fresh Madonna... (a total middle finger to ageism).

    ...not to mention the unbelievable photoshoots, interviews...

    EACH bring something quintessentially 'Madonna' to the table while remaining fresh and exciting. There is something for everyone this era.

    How could one not be satisfied? (Unless all you focus on is...... :newspaper: )

    THIS!!! It is possible to like both GT AND BIM

  9. Exactly. People thought Sorry would be huge in the States, Give It 2 Me, Miles Away etc. Radio won't play her, so she should release the songs she wants to promote via videos and live performances, and just follow her artistic instincts.

    Bingo! It's a total uphill battle for her to try to get anything played on radio. So why even play that game? Just release the best songs and if the public likes them so much the better.

  10. Madonna tickets are selling briskly.

    Madonna announced her Rebel Heart World Tour to spectacular reviews, driving massive concert ticket sales for the 38 cities on the tour, says online ticket broker ConcertBank.com. Despite hints in the media that Madonna ticket sales were lagging from prior years, the ticket supplier has seen a definite uptick in demand for Madonna concert tickets in the wake of the artist’s tour debut.

    When it comes to concert ticket sales, Madonna’s history is hard to beat. In 2012, the Material Girl sold out Yankee Stadium in 20 minutes for her MDNA tour,making it one of the fastest sellouts in concert history. The MDNA tour also featured 88 sold-out shows. Madonna is no stranger to that kind of success. The MDNA tour, listed as the highest grossing concert tour of 2012, was just the latest in a long string of concert honors for the 56-year-old performer. She also held that honor in 2008 and 2009 for tickets to her aptly named Sticky and Sweet tour

    This year’s Rebel Heart World Tour is in support of Madonna’s 13th studio album,Rebel Heart, which UK critic Neil McCormick has dubbed her “best album in years.” His review notes that the songs on the album veer between emotional vulnerability and strident defiance, and display the perennial performer’s chameleonic musical talents at their best.

    Fans who are lucky enough to score Madonna Rebel Heart concert tickets can expect to hear many of her sizzling fan favorites, but will also be looking forward to hits off her newest album, including the aptly titled, “Bitch, I’m Madonna”, which features singer Nicki Minaj.

    While the mainstream media has speculated about “slow ticket sales” for Madonna’s 2015 tour, third party ticket sites like ConcertBank.com aren’t noticing any sludge in the works. Premium Madonna tickets are selling briskly, says the site, with many venues may only showing listings for cheap concert tickets and less desirable single ticket sales.

    In addition, many smaller venues across the country have already sold out Madonna tickets, leaving only ticket broker sites with any inventory. Fans who want to see the Material Girl on tour should check back frequently to find the best Madonna tickets, the site’s ownership says.

    About ConcertBank: ConcertBank.com is an independent online ticket broker that specializes in obtaining premium and sold out sports tickets, concert tickets and theater tickets to events nationwide. Ticket price is dependent on the current market price, which is usually above the face value of the ticket. The site not affiliated with any of the venues, teams, performers, or organizations whose tickets they provide. They are not affiliated with Ticketmaster or any other box office.

    Suck it nypost!

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