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  1. Alright, I realise this might be a ridiculous thread to start, but I'm keen to find out what you guys think.

    If you could imagine (and by imagine I mean fully fantasize about it!), Madonna recording ANY record by another artist, what would it be? Now, you have to imagine this world in which the existing record by the original artist ceases to exist and that it was one released in an actual Madonna era. (We can dream right?) And why?

    For me it would be, without a doubt....


    Lead single: Indestructible

    Robyn is so obviously influenced by Madonna. I love this album's assured energy, it's very reminiscent of Madonna's earlier pop records all the way up to Confessions.

  2. Ok so I've got a question on the performance, not sure if it's been asked before, but I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering about it :)

    After the second chorus, a remix kicks in for the breakdown - does anyone know from which LFL remix this was taken? It sounds cool!

    And what about the instrumental prelude to the performance...is this featured in a remix too?

    It sounds like the Mike Rizzo Funk Generation mix ...

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