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  1. The VMAs are on august 30 and the EMAs in october...so not a chance. The public is great at these shows though, would've loved it if she performed at either of them. Sadly, I don't think she's touching another award show any time soon.

    Too bad it's so far off. It would actually be very clever if she did perform another award show... the amount of interest would be massive.

  2. So when looking at the BRITS official performance video, it has 188 dislikes. Do people dislike the performance or dislike the fact that she was yanked off stage? :huh:

    Anyways, I think after watching the clip of her on Jonathan Ross I had my 'AHA' moment about capegate .... I wrote this on my Facebook with a link to the Guardian article.

    With Madonna decidely steering the global zeitgeist once again, conversations about ageism & female sexism are perhaps more relevant than ever. Being yanked off stage by cape, she has inadvertently proven something remarkable, and her cultural significance and impact remains unmatched. Let's remember for a moment that while we champion gay/bi/lesbian equality, that ageism and gender discrimination remains very real in our society.


  3. It's the worst moment in her career ever for me. Even with the media sympathy, I wish it hadn't happened.

    1. Brits 2015 fall

    2. Horse riding accident

    3. GHV2

    4. GMAYL reaching no. 37 in the UK

    5. SEX backlash

    6. Post AL career nosedive in the US

    7. When it came out she'd fucked Dennis Rodman. Where are the standards, M?

    8. 1988, the most barren year ever

    9. MDNA UK sales. Still can't believe it


    I have to agree with you, worst moment by far ... :(

  4. My earliest recollection of Madonna probably comes from the days when she was on tour for The Girlie Show (I was only 8 years old at the time), and my parents sometimes commented about her sexual provocativeness during adult dinnertable conversations. I watched a re-run of the tour on television and remember it was the first time I saw tits on TV.

    My first real connection with Madonna came with ROL - I heard Power of Goodbye on the radio and was instantly fascinated by the music. Needless to say I was hooked since... became a huge fan and also discovered a lot of her catalogue over the years. Her most interesting era in retrospect was Erotica. (I went through my own little mini era's when I would be completely consumed with one particular record). With ROL and Music she was everywhere, very popular throughout the world and her music videos had a LOT of airplay on VH1 and MTV.

    I think because I connected with ROL at the time, I was a lesser fan of the "mega stardom" Madonna from the 80's and early 90's and held her to that musical bar with every subsequent release. Music, AL, Confessions ... those three all did it for me spectacularly. In the lead up to Rebel Heart I have started to appreciate 80's Madonna a lot more. All in all, it's amazing to be a fan of this woman's work... even if you didn't actually live through the era, you can RELIVE the era's because there is just so much to discover.

  5. All the Orbit tracks done on that All Saints album would have suited Madonna. The killer bit at the end of 'Black Coffee' is crying out to be Madonna-fied! They should have been shopped to Madonna....Shaznay would still be rolling in the royalties!

    I do love Lana Del Rey and thought 'Video Games' would have suited Madonna in one of her more contemplative moments.

    I agree very much with this. I kinda digged the All Saints album when it came out due to much of it's reminiscence to Madonna.

    "Dreams" is another cool track that would have fitted very nicely on Music.

    Skies are clear, leaving me bright and blue

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