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  1. shut up lol just joking. Nothing can bring me down right now. MADONNA!!!! I love madonna hahaha. I even liked that Terrance guy in it.

    The video was very rich and colorful. I can honestly say this is unlike anything I've seen from her b4. Is it Express Yourself or Vogue? No. Nothing will ever compare to those, too much time has gone by and they are certified classics, but this video is it's own thing and I really really like it. Okay I'm a ranting loon now LOL

    Suffice it to say, Sloane gives M's new video two thumbs up!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    I will rewatch it a few times - maybe the video too, is a sleeper hit ;)

    I just found a lot of the directing to be very tacky and the storyline was poorly done. I still like it, oddly enough, but I guess it's because she looks so friggin amazing!!! Im judging from a technical point so I guess we could just ignore that and enjoy it :p

  2. Are you suggesting Madonna isnt intelligent? A woman who doesnt uses her brain?

    ...my heart goes out to you. You sound so stupid, I feel sorry for you.

    Now thats out of the way, let me say:

    LOVE SPENT is fucking everything.

    E V E R Y T H I N G ! ! ! !

    Oh please have a sense of humor for god's sake. We agree on the Love Spent being amazing, so let's stay on a good foot.

  3. Hate me for this but when COADF came out she set the charts ON FIRE. The album didn't feature on year-end charts as heavily because it sold in 2005 AND 2006 - it was absolutely massive, debuted No.1 everywhere. It was in an essence, much bigger than anything she had released since the 90's (given how sales have diminished over the years)

    Hard Candy was quite exciting in the charts as well, although to a lesser extent. MDNA and RH, well... we all know what happened.

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