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  1. from best to least best ;)


    RAY OF LIGHT (Ray of Light/Substitute For Love)

    REBEL HEART (Wash All Over Me/Devil Pray)

    MUSIC (Music/What It Feels Like For A Girl)

    EROTICA (Thief Of Hearts/Deeper and Deeper)

    AMERICAN LIFE (Love Profusion/ Intervention)

    TRUE BLUE (True Blue/ Live To Tell)

    LIKE A PRAYER (Like A Prayer/ Cherish)

    BEDTIME STORIES (Bedtime Story/ Secret)

    MDNA (Love Spent/ I'm Addicted)

    HARD CANDY (Give it 2 Me/ 4 Minutes)

    MADONNA / THE FIRST ALBUM (Borderline /Holiday)

    LIKE A VIRGIN (Material Girl/Stay)

  2. I don't know when the word "indie" became synomynous with "mainstream artists having a low selling album than previous ones that seems more underground". Madonna has never had an "indie" album. Her albums have always had big producers, songwriters, photo shoots, a major label etc...catering to the mainstream. Madonna has always had a big personality that tends to overshadow a bit of her music. RH has been no exception.

    If you want a major artist doing an indie album, that would have been Cher's "not.com.merical".

    I guess that depends on how one looks at the definition of an "indie album". What I meant is that Madonna had set out to create a commercially succesful album, and failed, which *inadvertendly* produced an album which is not selling all that much at all... but that is unlike indie albums in general, very talked about (due to her personality).

    I don't disagree with you though that her personality does overshadow the album, and also about Cher, yes I agree with that too.

  3. Given Madonna's lack of commercial success (by her past standards, of course), I have come to see RH as her "indie album" of sorts. This makes it an underground album, from an artist that is extremely talked about almost everywhere. We are living in the Kim Kardashian age ... celebs who are talked about, are just that, talked about. Madonna is very talked about but nobody cares that she has an album out. Lack of knowledge at their peril, I say!!!

    Anyways to wrap up, RH is an inadvertent "indie album" of sorts, much like AL was. Does that make sense? Can anyone perhaps articulate this theory better?

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