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  1. i think if it was published in post bush era it would be a bigger hit...

    but since it was to early...in a time where bush administracy, pro war propaganda and burst of usa patriotism was on its peak it was impossible to push it comercialy more than it was....

    uk was under blair....bush num 2

    AL has real quality of conceptual artistic pop album.

    it is underrated by fans, by critics and media.

    i would dare to say that itsher rol numb 2. and in some things even better. as it sounds still fresh and its sound it equal then and now....orbit cant match with mirwais. rol was really good but it sounds like 90' album. that is orbit failure.

    See I really think that her speaking up about the war hurt the album and even the single a lot more. Unfortunately AL arrived at a really bad time, and given that it didn't resonate with the public as well as RoL & Music did, it was largely dismissed by many fans too.

    I was just listening to Intervention. What an incredible track! :)

  2. Maybe. But didn't people hear the song before they saw the anti-war video? I like American Life but you have to admit it's a bit of an odd song, with the rap and lyrics about being super duper in the Mini Cooper. I know that's tongue in cheek but a lot of people didn't get the sense of humor and thought she was trying to be a serious rapper. Love Profusion and Hollywood are a little more conventional in their song structure.

    Perhaps so. And the anti-war video definitely did not help the album recover either.

    I love both Hollywood and Love Profusion, because it was a fresh sound for Madonna and I especially enjoyed the acoustic/electronic fusion.

  3. I don't think the songs are inaccessible or that weird. They are very melodic with cool hooks. I don't think it was uncommercial in general but uncommercial for Madonna since it was a very different sound for her, much less dance oriented and with more guitars than people are used to from her.

    AL was not a good single, but I think Hollywood and Love Profusion are great radio singles. It might have had a different result if AL wasn't the first single.

    Could it be possible AL suffered even more as result of Madonna's anti-war comments?

  4. i m not sure what influence rol had...it was success but influence i dont see. more influence was made by coadf leotard or cowboys from Music album on fashion then rol music did influenced other pop music. electronic music already was part of mainstream at that time. it was major hit as a surprise that madonna did with her reinvention by sound and visual then anything else (ofcours and quality of production, lyrics and melodies)

    Hmmm, I dare say that Ray Of Light may have singlehandedly introduced electronica into the mainstream :)

  5. According to my LastFM scrobbles (last 12 months):

    01 Confessions on a Dance Floor

    02 MDNA

    03 American Life

    04 Hard Candy

    05 True Blue

    06 Ray of Light

    07 Like a Virgin

    08 Like a Prayer

    09 Erotica

    10 Music

    11 Madonna

    12 Bedtime Stories

    I always listen to "Vogue" from the Celebration collection as I never listen to I'm Breathless. ;)

  6. Did Madonna have a peak in her career? Or is there more than one peak? Maybe her career is leveled out evenly in your eyes? Maybe her whole career is a peak?

    What do you think?

    Yep, "Confessions on a Dance Floor" was her creative peak in my opinion. She hasn't done anything remotely as masterful as that since... although let's see what the new album delivers. I'm always hopeful before a new release.

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