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  1. That's my favourite part too. but I think a stronger vocal in the "I don't wanna hear, i don't wanna know" would have worked better. But that was just my opinion, i don't mean that the song is bad, or she sings this badly (i made this clear so people doesn't feel the need to go and defend the song). I love the song.

    Hehe, it's okay to give your opinion and it's also okay to defend a song :wink:

    I was just imagining "I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know" in a stronger vocal and you might have hit the nail on the head!

    What did you think of the Rebel Heart vocals? A part of me wants her to make it a little stronger in the verses but another part of me likes it just the way it is!

  2. Dyou know what I was just thinking about this.

    I am imagining M playing herself all through her life, with iconic looks.

    Start with her as a child, then a dance student, doing the Holiday dance, Papa Don't Preach.

    At the beginning of the first chorus, LAP M with burning flames behind her, Blond Ambition, with the hair and suit

    Ray Of Light, with Lourdes now playing herself as a baby, American Life M blows shit up for the second chorus before the final "My Rebel Heart...." with cheerleader Madonna and like confetti cannons, and finally M now with a new look.

    She should just walk through all her eras! That would be perfect and suit the song very well.

  3. Btw, I've notice that many seem to confuse particular terms. So here's an explanation.

    Mixing is the process of mixing down multitrack recordings into one or more channels, usually 2-channel stereo. This is usually done by specialist mixing engineers who haven't been involved in the music production, though some producers (e.g. Avicii and Diplo) prefer to mix their own productions themselves.

    Mastering is the process of preparing and transfering the final mix or mixes to a master storage device from which all copies will be produced. Track sequencing is part of the mastering process, along with adjusting the length of silence between each song, optimizing the sound quality for the intended medium and adjusting volume across tracks. Mastering is is usually done by a specialist mastering engineer.

    The Executive Producer of an album in the one who has the final say in business decisions regarding the production, distribution and promotion of an album - usually because the Executive Producer finances or funds the entire project. The Executive Producer may or may not be involved in creative process. For MDNA, the Executive Producer was Madonna herself.

    Those are very good explanations! Everyone should understand this now :smile:

  4. I'm not entirely agreeing on this :) (especially RM - which is my favorite M song ever)

    LFL is softer, less agressive, more joyful. a "feel good" song with very positive vibes.

    oh and on a side note, I'm not a newbie. I'm "here" since the dotmusic days.

    "I took the road less travelled by and I barely made it out alive..."

    I guess more feel good is even better. If it doesn't sound like those songs, the news still makes me very excited...

    I want a worldwide #1 hit! :1251:

  5. I'm actually really digging the lyrical references to life and injustices with her own experience and just her typical lyrical sense. My guess is that it's going to be like that throughout the album and not as "secret project" as we all initially thought. It's an even balance and then with a fun dancey production, it's going to be completely different than anything anyone else is putting out.

    I think you're right & that makes me extremely excited!

    It's also the first time I get the sense of a real new 'ERA' being crafted - you know, with the Interview & Versace shoots that have been done - and she's looking fucking incredible! A proper look and visual theme to go along with the album will make it so much more influential, something Hard Candy and MDNA has failed to achieve I think.

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