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  1. There's no denying that whatever is ruling the charts these days will likely be something totally brainless - I rarely pay attention at all, but when MADONNA releases new material that's actually WHEN I always start paying acute attention. I'm obsessed with her sales and chart stats! I remember the radio backlash from the AL era and how much that pissed me off...and ever since all I've wanted was for Madonna to come back and reclaim it somehow. You know? Prove the world wrong. It's silly I get that. I want RH to go #1 & I want her to extend her chart records so that nobody can beat her, for as long as I'm alive. It's all good fun in the end really.

  2. I didn't download anything until today. I already paid for the album last Saturday, my contribution to M's coffers is done. If I listen to an unfinished version of what I paid for, I will not lose any sleep. I am not sharing with anyone what I have. I will purchase at least two tour tickets as usual so her bottom line won't be hurting due to my previewing of her songs. What else could I have done to support her financially? These are my two cents on the subject for whatever it's worth.

    I full heartedly agree!

  3. I am one of those fans who arrived with Ray of Light, and yes it *is* a benchmark record in many respects - even from a purely objective viewpoint. I don't want her to make ROL 2.0 but I do become critical when she puts out two average records (being HC & MDNA) especially because she followed ROL with such strong efforts. (Yes, even American Life is a artistically invested album!). I took a lot of time to get to know her back catalogue and it became apparent that every album she's ever done before 2008 was strong despite their obvious criticisms. She's capable of pop sorcery this woman, yet her creativity was pretty much absent from her last two efforts. I'm not exactly sure what my point is now, but I'm going to defend ROL as a defining moment in her career and it culminated into 'Confessions' which is another perfect Madonna record for that matter.

    That said,Rebel Heart excites me in ways I have not felt since Confessions and to me is exactly what Madonna should sound like in 2014/2015. Every single song I've heard so far sounds incredible!

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