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  1. Why do the journalists always have a need to indicate her age? So annoying. Ok, she's 56!! So what? Why not and just forget about the age and focus on what she's all about instead! Dont take me wrong, it doesn't bother me at all that she's 56, but this "Madonna (56)" thing is always there, every time they open their filthy mouths about her.

    To me, in some articles, it would seem to be a form of flattery - like "Dafuck she's 56?" :sassy:

  2. I believe Beautiful Killer and I m Addicted were also written from scratch (she said I m Addicted was the hardest song to write on MDNA and Solveig said they wrote BK while thinking of Alen Delon) and those are among her best songs and they sound totally "Madonna".

    I agree they are both great Madonna songs. "Im Addicted" might be considered overproduced by some people, but I feel that it's the most musically layered track on MDNA and it also has the best lyrics by far...

    "All of the letters push to the front of my mouth

    and saying your name is somewhere between a prayer and a shout

    And I cant get it out" omg!!!

  3. To my memory, it was a mini-concert streamed live around the time TUTR was released, except it wasn't promoted as a short show. She did like 45 minutes and 6 songs and was done and fans were pissed and threw shit after she exited the stage not to return.

    Show should have been free or at least billed as a special one-off short concert. It wasn't and the Parisians weren't happy.

    Although, did anyone waiting to watch the show online think it would be a full concert? The minute I heard about it I thought it'd be a short set. Regardless, should have told the fans.

    Thank you for clearing that up!

    To my knowledge, a group of Le Pens nazi supporters were in there and booing and had signs up, nothing to do with real fans.

    ...oh dear

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