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  1. Don't know if this has been posted, but someone over at Popjustice created a hypothetical "Art For Freedom EP" as companion to Rebel Heart and suggested it could potentially look like this:

    1. Revolution
    2. Graffiti Heart
    3. God Is Love
    4. Borrowed Time (Acoustic Version)
    5. Freedom
    6. Rebel Heart (Acoustic Version)

    It Would be so brilliant! :laugh: Perhaps an acoustic version of Grafitti Heart given it might make the Deluxe...

  2. I remember this was the case with Ellie Gouldings Lights album. Titled "Lights" yet the actual song "Lights" was a bonus track on the iTunes Deluxe Edition, it was later released as a single. I think it's some kind of marketing trick to make casual buyers (who the 14 track is aimed at) buy the single separately at a later date.

    I was just thinking about the same thing! I think taking an "Ellie Goulding" approach would be a great strategy for RH

  3. Something tells me that this ain't right. I think there is some major confusion going on. They should honestly pull their shit together and delete that 14-track version. It's just messy and while doing that they should change the fucking sequencing because it makes no fucking sense. My god Interscope...what the hell are you doing again?

    I agree, unless this is all part of some revolutionary new way to to introduce an album to the public... i.e. Rebel Heart will be the second single... or something of the sorts

  4. Beat Goes On till this day remains one of my very fav M songs! To think the demo was dreadful!!! But the released version?????????? I mean just the phrase "Don't sit there like some silly girl" is heavenly and the voice!!! Just uou!!! Should ve been a single!!!

    For that reason I'll give Holy Water te benefit of the doubt. It might sound completely different in its final form.

    Also, Beat Goes On is incredible!

  5. My friends and I jammed to Addicted, Borrowed Time and Freedom. I don't think they'll buy it without them. But thankful Inside Out made it. I just hope the rest were reworked ala Devil Pray that it yook the demo to another level.

    These were my thoughts too. The guys I played those demos to, LOVED the sound and couldnt believe Madonna could sound so fresh. I honestly think those songs will garner her the most new fans

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