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  1. So, Hold Tight is now a masterpiece. Does anyone detect a slight resemblance to "Baby Don't Lie"?

    And parts of Graffiti Heart are now so completely, fabulously 80's!!! I just love what was done to it.

    There's a lot more than a slight resemblance, they sound very alike. Hold Tight is far better in any case! :1251:

    I still can't decide which between Hold Tight and Iconic is my new favourite.

  2. YES, IT IS STILL A FANTASTIC ALBUM apart from those 4 songs with Avicii they have butchered...

    What i don't get is if they can preserve the Avicii sound in ADDICTED (which is almost untouched from the demo), why not with those other 3 very beautiful songs? Anyhow, I am replacing them on my playlist with the demos... they are in high quality anyway... there, problem solved...


  3. I think the fact that she is now the highest earning celebrity is testament to her business-savvyness.

    Yes, she does put out immensly good music which has been of consistently better quality and popularity than her peers - but personally being a fan of Madonna I like to see her as a "package deal" - the cultural pot-stirrer, record producer, the businesswoman etc. A lot of my respect for her stems from these aspects of her career.

    She would most definitely not be this succesful had she not been all these things combined if that makes any sense?

    Anyone else agree/disagree?

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