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  1. I'm proud to say that I'm an expert on this subject. Here are the best M songs for a forty-something female who has had a few too many:


    Hung Up

    Think Of Me

    Where's The Party


    Bad Girl

    Human Nature



    Girl Gone Wild

    Gang Bang

    Some Girls

    And I'm happy to announce the newest edition to this intoxicating list.....Unapologetic Bitch.

    I was drunk on NYE and Bitch I'm Madonna was playing , it rocked my socks off actually!

  2. Was this video review from Huffpost shared yet?


    "Madonna presents herself as queen of the big top without relying on allusions to her own résumé to prove she is the master of the postmodern pop scene. She uses her ongoing prowess to vanquish the beasts who grunt and shove their way across her stage. This is the Madonna video we've waited a decade for, and it hails from what sounds like the makings of the Madonna album we've anticipated for just as long."

  3. Living For Love - Hung Up

    Devil Pray - Get Together

    Ghosttown - Sorry

    Unapologetic Bitch - Future Lovers

    Illuminati - I Love New York

    Bitch I'm Madonna - Let It Will Be

    Hold Tight - Forbidden Love

    Joan Of Arc - Jump

    Iconic - How High

    HeartBreakCity - Isaac

    Body Shop - Push

    Holy Water - Like It Or Not

    Inside Out - Fighting Spirit

    Wash All Over Me - Super Pop


    Oh I like this! Based purely on your one-on-one comparisons, see above.... :stir:

    Can I just say that Addicted is totally slaying my life

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