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  1. i've got to say that the fake leak debacle from lastnight really excited me..... I was sooooo into that song... I still believe that there is more to that song. I mean the part where he/she says unbelievable sounds exactly like Madonna herself.

    could it be that she liked it and is reworking it (changing the lyrics) and may possibly record her own demo of it?

  2. that performance of "sooner or later" at the grammy's in the vh1 article, is most probably one of her best live vocal performance in her thirty two year long career. I was truly blown away by it. wow, she is definitely a vocal powerhouse right up there with Celine Dion & Mariah Carey but with so much more.....she's truly an amazingly gifted vocalist.

    we should start a campaign to get Madonna to perform that exact same rendition of SOL on her upcoming tour.....

    your thoughts mNationers???

  3. I'm glad when she plays the avant garde Madonna. But as long it's good music I'm ok with that. I'm more looking for a new Madonna than something no one ever done before. Really glad if so but it's good music... I'll be more than happy. I only want her to be proud to share her music and be proud to defend and sings the lyrics she has wrote! I think she's at a point in her career where she sings music she like to hear and dance to!

    moi 2 yann
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