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  1. 12 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:


    Have to post this again for the Canadian members :inlove:  Always makes me laugh 


    I remember seeing this now. It’s such a funny video. It b e me another laugh. The comment about Australia being not even on the map is priceless. 

    10 hours ago, peppermint said:

    How about me bébé?  😇

    Yeah baby. Of course ur in, 

  2. 36 minutes ago, Sky Fits Heaven said:


    Over the weekend the release of Kisses, Anitta's new album, happened in the United States. In the main event of the new album, however, the singer ended up going through an unusual situation that viralized on the web. Last Sunday (7), a series of profiles dedicated to celebrities began to comment and share a video where Anitta appears bouncing a guest of the event that did not recognize her. When he asked who she was, the funkeira immediately retorted, "It's Anitta honey. Just look around, I'm everywhere." Early on Saturday (6), she revealed what she passed through the immigration, at the airport, just arriving in Los Angeles, California. "Today was a mess. Karina is upset today. We arrived at immigration and there was a queue to pass in the machine, but we have another visa. We did not have to go through the machine. We explained this to the guy and he did not like us" she laughed.
    Then Anitta explained that she has work visas, and so her entrance should be through another gate. However, it was barred and had to face the common queue. "The guy did not like our face, and he said, 'So you'll stand in line just to explain.' It was a queue to pass on a machine that our passport does not pass, because we have another type of visa, The guy did not like us, and he said, 'So you stand in line and then you explain'! "he continued. Anitta also told that she still suffered at the airport: The driver of the car confused the schedules, so he was not waiting for her; His friend asked for a more expensive Uber and ended up getting a very old and beaten vehicle, among other problems.


    She thinks that she's this biggest star and yet no one recognizes her, even at her own album release party lol. :lmao:


  3. 4 minutes ago, strepentijger said:

    imagine people in USA,Europe and Australia where the ESC is also very big watching this live at the same time!, it"s really amazing!!!

    It will be the bomb... this will inevitably reach twice as many viewers than the SuperBowl did back in 2012. My prediction. She will make Eurovision bigger than it already is. 

    Eta: not many ppl watch Eurovision in North América

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