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  1. 5 hours ago, Kurt420 said:

    Past the initial excitement I was struggling with I Rise (LOVE that the speech is in the beginning....but tired of it after it was in a constant loop with only 2 other songs) but NOW that we've had two more songs (3 if you're brave enough to add Champagne Rose' to your playlist) it really does sound great! On my playlist that goes:

    1. Medellin

    2. Soltera

    3. Future

    4. Champagne Rose'

    5. Crave

    6. I Rise

    I Rise sounds pretty fucking great as a "closer".....can only imagine how it's all going to come together once the album is out!

    I agree. I also include the 2 remixes, Faz Gostoso and Back That Up.

  2. What a welcome surprise! It's way better than Medellin IMO. And I agree with the previous posters who found similarities with Queen, Ghosttown and DWRY. Can't wait to hear the rest. One song per week turns out to be a good idea in the end.

  3. 8 hours ago, horn said:

    Target exclusive probably mean physical 1 disc 15 songs CD exclusive since only standard CD 13 tracks or the 2cd 15+3 songs available.

    Target page provided the 15 songs tracklist but fans refused to accept it. :rotfl:

    Personally I don't think 17 songs is feasible on 1 CD due to the total running time.

    Well we will have to wait till 14 June to find out.

    The Immaculate Collection says hi.

  4. Of course the tracklist is real. It's NOT fake. 

    I absoutely love both covers, but I prefer the one with the dark hair. Like so many have said before, she looks like her mom, with the stitched lips and everything. Striking, stunning, dark, beautiful, iconic.

    Can't wait to hear Medellin! We have the intro (I think) for now on IG, a few seconds of Extreme Occident in the preview. And if you wanna hear more, stream Faz Gostoso...

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