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  1. 4 minutes ago, Simo9jo said:

    "Madame X is a complex, pressing, syncopated, albeit too homogeneous at times album, although there are so many interesting stylistic variations and twists and turns that materialize when you least expect it. But most of all you have the greatest twist ever: the rebirth of an icon who is the same yet anew at the same time. My hat's off to her"


    This is great and all, but “many stylistic variations/twists” is the complete opposite of homogeneous. 

    Amazing praise though, this album really seems like it will be one of her many masterpieces.


  2. 52 minutes ago, rocknrolla said:

    The article states half the stations are playing the Madonna only version, because the listeners don't know who swae is. Like they can't learn!

    Another person says that even for AC it is too much of a hooky rap!  not a rap at all

    So dumb. I hate radio for this reason. They’ll play hits from ten years ago rather than play a true variety of new music.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Shane said:

    Not to worry.  She always insists on including a track or two that, were she to exclude, would probably result in greater critical acclaim.  This time around those might be Killers Who Are Partying and Bitch I’m Loca.

    Plus we only have two reviews so far, so other critics might like those, and they could become fan favorites.

    The reviewer from Alternative Press Mag gave Killers 8/10. So at least one reviewer so far likes it quite a bit.

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