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  1. fuck off, it was epic. vocal not perfect but who cares. It's was really  more political than I expected. Love it. stage was awesome. The queen always. I'm ready to defend my queen no matter what. Future is a real highlight for this era. Will log off for tonight so many depressing and none-constructive comments here. Everyone can have their opinions but I dont want to read any negativity and so far... 


  2. 6 hours ago, Mensch said:

    Is it just me or are all these songs slowly creating the Madame X album universe...it’s slowly becoming more clear. All these different sonic genres meshed with a solid production and her knack for melodies, to fuse together a “futuristic world” record...

    i think this is the best use of a new vocal technique+vocoder. It was hard to digest but the more you listen, the more ambitious and experimental it feels. 

    This. I don’t have the feeling they/she use vocoder to just use vocoder like a lot of act because they can’t sing. It has a purpose. For experimental reason of course. To fit a bit more into the modern pop that is full of it and to give Madame X many voices because she’s everyone. It is meant to be destabilizing and to just try something different at the end. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, CalinB said:

    OMG! this is amazing!  I can't wait to hear the rest!  It is already my favorite track!!!

    It is for me also. Love the first 3 but imo this is her best. Really love that even after 4 songs It’s getting better. Madame X will make history 

  4. 5 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    I think the song is catchy,  fun and love the musical backing.   Can see people enjoying and loving it and think it will translate really well on stage too. 

    However,  sorry guys but I just don't like the messing around with Madonna's vocals.  I think she has one of the best voices on record and just does not need any manipulations.   Only thing that is spoiling the song for me.  I will get over it and do enjoy the song but something that personally,  just think there is no need for.  The parts of the song ( not the chorus )  where her voice is natural is heaven. 

    I can understand. I think it’s a vision for this album. So for that I accept the voice that way. If Mirways didn’t mention futuristic album I would be a little disappointed. But I’m sure we will have more raw on this album. 

  5. Omg this song is FIRE. Couldn’t help myself. Omg. We really feel diplo signature.  I was a little destabilized by how the voice is treated but Mirways said it himself. It’s a futuristic album so makes total sense. Quavo is really on point and I’m far from being a fan.  It as better and I think even more than unapologetic bitch. It’s fresh. You want to dance to this really good. After juste 1 listen I think it’s my favorite from Madame X so far 

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