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  1. 18 minutes ago, AlanLongoria said:

    The flag dancer was detained and interrogated at the airport


    My gosh I got chills. Madame X is a freedom fighter. Fuck the vocals. She performed a message. I think the message is way more importance compare to the performance itself. It’s a major conflict and people needs to wake up.  


  2. 1 minute ago, Ai Papi Si. said:

    It's interesting because we are the first ones to rabidly attack people who pile on Madonna for being 60, yet here in this very thread, we have people posting Madonna's 30 year old performances and comparing her to 2012, a year that by the end, had clearly exhausted Madonna physically. She had to take out an entire leg of her show (much to the chagrin of Australia) because it was fucking her up so much.


    She's a human being and she's not Springsteen who can sit and strum a guitar for 2 hours. And once you hit 50, the aging process really does accelerate. Ask anyone including your own parents. She's doing incredible under the circumstances. Quit with these bizarre calls for her to perform like she did at 51, which even then was EYE POPPING for a woman her age. Ugh I will stop 

    preach papi// preach papi 

  3. Madame X love a good Midi LAP version so what lol. She's a fighter it's was really nice to see her on stage. About the vocals. Last year she was on full recording mode so probably was singing non-stop for months. Her voice was trained to the max. Now she focused a little more about the touring and performing aspect of the era so it's understandable that the voice wasn't on point. + the nerve. And really so what. I really doesn't care much about that part. She doesn't have to prove that for me anymore. Yes we can judge, but madonna is so easily criticize for everything if also her fans are playing this game. Poor her. 

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