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  1. BTW you are not force to download the album, there's a setting in the music/ipod section where you can choose to show all music, if you do so, you will be able to see everything you bought on itunes since the beginning on your music app, even if it's not on your iphone anymore. You can only listened to it online with a wifi or internet connection or press the cloud button to put it again on your music list. But you have the choice not to!

    If your not activate the "show all music" option In that case you wont see u2 album on your ipod and won't be able to download it!

    and you have the option to listen to the album and not having it on your ipod! if you don't press the cloud button, it wont be on your ipod for real, only streaming! If you pass by itunes on your computer, you have to go on the itunes store and purchase the album like anybody else but the difference it's that it's free!! There's not "obligation" at all!

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