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  1. 1 hour ago, svperstar said:

    The song itself was interesting enough, but the video takes it INTO FUCKING ORBIT.

    Jesus, THIS is the Madonna we dont deserve. The artist and conceptualist before the pop performer. And she does it better than anyone.

    This very much 

    35 minutes ago, Monsieur X said:

    She is the best, no one ever can and has and will ever come close. 


    I don’t have any tattoos but I may get a DARK BALLET tattoo . 

    And this !!!!!! What a fucking masterpiece. I wanted to have a rebel heart tattoo at some point but Dark Ballet!! I will fit so much more. 

    Written by: Madonna Ciccone, Mirwais Ahmadzai

    It's a beautiful life
    But I'm not concerned
    It's a beautiful dream
    But a dream is earned 

    I can dress like a boy
    I can dress like a girl

    Keep your beautiful words
    'Cause I'm not concerned

    'Cause your world is such a shame
    'Cause your world's obsessed with fame
    'Cause your world's in so much pain
    'Cause your world is
    'Cause your world is
    Up in flames

    It's a beautiful plan
    But I'm not concerned (Oh yeah)
    It's a beautiful game (Mmm)
    That I never learned

    People tell me to shut my mouth (Shut your mouth)
    That I might get burned

    Keep your beautiful lies
    'Cause I'm not concerned

    'Cause your world is such a shame
    'Cause your world's obsessed with fame
    'Cause your world's in so much pain
    'Cause your world is
    'Cause your world is

    I will not denounce the things that I have said
    I will not renounce my faith in my sweet Lord
    He has chosen me to fight against the anguish
    I am not afraid I'm going to die, 'cause I believe if
    God is on my side and l'll be fine
    I am not afraid 'cause I have faith in Him

    You can cut my hair and throw me in a jail cell
    And burn me at the stake, it's all a big mistake
    Don't you know to doubt him it is a sin? I won't give in

    They are so naive
    They think we're not aware of their crimes

    We know
    But we're just not ready to act

    The storm isn't in the air
    It's inside of us

    I want to tell you about love and loneliness
    But it's getting late now
    Can't you hear outside of your Supreme hoodie
    The wind that's beginning to howl?

    It's a beautiful life

    Written by: Madonna Ciccone, Mirwais Ahmadzai

  3. 5 minutes ago, Kurt420 said:

    This is some classic Madonna/Mirwais shit right here!!

    I'm blown away by this one. What an absolute mindfuck of a song. This will most definitely not be everyone's cup of tea.....but I think most M fans that like stuff like Mer Girl, Paradise, AL album etc will like this one. Not single material in the slightest so props to her for having the balls to release this (the way it's looking now anyways) as a single. 

    This is about a million miles away from Bitch I'm Madonna (which I do love too)! I'm simply in awe of her continued ability to change up her sound to the point where it's like listening to a different artist altogether. If it wasn't evident already, this should drive the point home that Madame X isn't necessarily all about that "perfect single". She's going for a vibe here. For years some of her fans have wanted her to release something along the lines of this. Sorry, but even if there is a perfect "disco banger" on the album, quite frankly, I don't think she's that concerned with it. It's not about that this time.


  4. It’s brilliant. BRILLIANT. When she starts the speech it give me chills each time.  It’s definitely and experimental song. Almost like Devil pray meets paradise in a way but there no real comparaison to her past catalogue IMO appart the experimental side. Love it love it love it and guess what. Love it 


    *I listened too often of the met gala after the ‘cause your world is’ part I always expect the like a prayer choir part 😂😂

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