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  1. Madame X is a journey

    Madame X found peace in Medellìn. After traveling the world, learning to find her true self she found love. Madame x have been around. She saw how life is. How humanity can be. Let her tell you her story

    Dark ballet. The dance Madame X learned. The sad games and lies we can play. But she’s not concern. Madame X is every woman. From the past to the future. She’s Joan of arc. She’s Madonna. 

    We lost god control. What can we do now? Is the world lost? Madame X knows the nation lied. It’s time for a new democracy, everybody knows the damn truth, Wake up!

    Not everyone can come into the future Madame X warns you. She played the game. And now She’s woke. You have to learn to survive. Stop living in the past. Let your light shine. And follow her into the future. 

    Her journey somehow started in Cabo Verde. A long night praying. Hoping and learning. Batuka gives us the spark that gave Madame X the courage to keep hoping. Helping her to preach to the world her knowledge. 

    Killers are everywhere. Human after human, rich and poor, children, woman, Islamist, Jews, society after society, Countries after another. Madame X saw everyone. Her identity is to give everyone a voice.

    Madame X traveled the world, far away from her home. She miss the love she once had. Crave. She craves only you and her craving can be dangerous. 

    But she won’t waiting for you any more nights if you thinks she not good enough. She gave you all of her layers. She’s a force and she won’t tame. She won’t let you drive her Crazy

    Madame X’s journey not over. She has hopes. She wants peace. Dare to dream, Come Alive

    She’s lost. Trying to help everyone, Madame X had to pay the cost. She’s lost. She traveled the world trying to find her own identity. Life is a cercle. From Extreme Occident to anywhere she’s been. She wasn’t lost

    Madame X can party. Come baby come. From Portugal to Brazil show me how you move your body. It’s tasty baby. She’s loca. Put it inside 

    Finally enough love. Madame X don’t search. She find. Platinum gold. Inside your soul. We live between life and death. Waiting to move on, and in the end We accept it. We shake hands with our fate. Finally enough love

    Is it really pain if it’s inside? Is it really faith if I'm weak? Can you tell the truth when you live lies? Madame X looking for mercy. It’s hard enough trying to forgive. Hard enough trying to live. She needs someone to teach her to love. Somebody to teach how to rise

    And Madame X tell you: “I rise” She hold on to the Magic of it. She managed to survive. She ready to finally find peace and love. She might go to Colombia to find it. 

  2. She sings in a way I never heard from her before. I love this song. I kinda understand the critics saying it could have been a song from anybody but it’s really catchy I love it. A good song to show off to other to make them listen to the album. 

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